Farmers Insurance Covers A Three-Ring Fender Bender

If you suffer from coulrophobia, I’d suggest turning away from this one. Anyway, a man gets rear-ended by a literal clown car. And then the apologetic clowns surround him. Is this Farmers ad more or less unsettling than the Progressive cornfield commercial? As always, J.K. Simmons is the Farmers spokesman, while Kevin Fabian plays the first clown. Anyone know who the unfortunate rear-ended driver or the female Farmers client (whose backside is the object of many a YouTube commenters interest) are?


Taco Bell’s Triple Double Crunchwrap Distracts This Couple From A Meteor Shower

Meteor showers are a majestic site to behold. But for this young couple, a meteor shower has got nothing on Taco Bell’s Triple Double Crunchwrap, what with double the beef and double the layers you love. And with the $5 Triple Double Crunchwrap Box, you also get a crunchy taco, cinnamon twists, and a medium drink. What a steal! As for the meteor shower…maybe next decade. It’s the second fast food commercial involving stargazing that I’ve written about on here in recent months.

The Hyundai Epic Summer Clearance Commercial

The sweaty days of summer are nearing a close, and with that comes automakers trying to push out their current year’s inventory. Thus, Hyundai’s Epic Summer Clearance. If you’re looking up this ad online, it’s probably either to find out the song or the identity of Hyundai’s attractive spokeswoman. I don’t know the song, but I can tell you that the spokeswoman is Natasha Lloyd.

Progressive Presents Progressive Park!

Buckle up for some insurance-themed fun! With thrilling attractions such as the totally realistic “Traffic Jam” and the world’s first “Never Bump Bumper Cars” (which are both exactly what they sound like), who wouldn’t be excited? Well, everybody. It might be billed as fun for the whole family, but Flo and Co. soon look at an empty parking lot and realize that an insurance park was a bad idea. Oh well. It’s a pretty spot-on parody of amusement park ads.



Jif Peanut Butter Is That Jif’ing Good You’d Dress Up Like A Squirrel For It

A woman (played by Kira Powell) is slathering some Jif peanut butter on bread. She offers a piece to one squirrel, but the problem with feeding animals is that once you’ve got the attention of one, you’ve got the attention of them all. And also a grown man in a squirrel costume. Eek. It’s a funny spot, and Jif is tasty…although I’m more of a Skippy guy myself. And elsewhere, a woman finds safe haven from an apocalyptic disaster, but braves her way out to enjoy some Jif when she finds out that the bunker is only stocked with generic peanut butter. Jif’ing good stuff.

Geico Makes You Feel Like You Matched All Your Socks

One of the most annoying things about doing laundry is when you’re missing socks. Which is like, always. So how would you feel if you matched them all? That’s apparently how Erin M. from Roswell, GA felt when she saved hundreds by switching her car insurance to Geico. We then go to a dramatization from the Spinville laundromat where Erin pulls out both green socks in succession, then two blue ones, and she keeps going until she’s matched every sock in perfect order. Everyone at the laundromat is amazed, and the owner is so impressed that he hangs up a plaque of Erin. “She really did it”, indeed. Nice.

Jimmy John’s Wants To Buy You A House

Jimmy John’s is known both for its tasty sandwiches and for its “freaky fast delivery.” The main reason for this freaky, fast delivery is that Jimmy John’s will only deliver within a 5-minute radius of one of its stores. But what if you live outside this zone? In this spot created by agency WorkInProgress, a Jimmy John’s delivery comes to a family’s house. Unfortunately, the house is a mere facade and the ruse literally falls apart. So now Jimmy John’s is running a contest where they’ll buy someone a house within that delivery range. Because sandwich. Yum. Here’s more from Adweek.

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