Geico: Evil Villains Reveal Their Plans…With PowerPoint?

In Geico’s newest, we see a James Bond-esque character named Mr. Billingsley, who’s being held captive by “Doctor.” The villainous doctor then precedes to reveal his plan for world domination. Only it’s revealed with a lengthy PowerPoint presentation. “Highjacking Earth’s Geothermal Energy Supply” features exciting slides such as “Choosing The Right Drill Bit”, “Permitting & Zoning”, and “The Triangle of Trepidation.” Turns out that long, boring PowerPoint presentations are the true torture. Billy Tilk plays Mr. Billingsley, and Clive Ashborn is the villainous doctor.

Audi Depicts The Gloomy Future With Self-Driving Cars

Self-driving cars have long been the stuff of science fiction, but they’re real now. And perhaps in the not-too-distant future, they’ll take over as a predominant mode of transportation. It sounds great…no more stressful dealings with traffic or obnoxious drivers. Imagine what we’ll be able to do with all that extra time. But is it all such a good thing? In its great new ad created by Venables Bell & Partners (they’re on a roll with Audi), we see a wealthy man named David living in a futuristic city. He leaves his downtown office, and hops into his self-driving car, Clara. Clara then asks what’s on his mind. David then reflects on the romance of driving. “Driving wasn’t just about being taken from place to place,” he says, “but going somewhere…feeling something along the way.” David has a great life, but soon realizes that he’s too relaxed. And then the rebellion comes. It’s a fantastic and thought-provoking spot for the Audi R8 Spyder.

Cotton Shows An Ex-Girlfriend Tattooed Dude On A Date

I know that cotton has advertised for years, but it still seems a bit odd to me. Of course, it something that most of us wear every day, but I guess the cotton industry still has some stigma from its dark history in the United States. Anyway, in this amusing new spot, Cotton shows a bad first date, where a wannabe Casanova raises his shirt to reveal abdominal tattoos of his many ex-girlfriend. But he’s still got room for that special someone. Dating can feel uncomfortable, but your clothes shouldn’t, says Cotton. The woman in the ad is Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld, and I’ll update with the tattoo guy’s identity when I find out who he is. This commercial is part of a bigger Cotton campaign, which also features a newscaster who might be a Peeping Tom (that cracked me up), a clumsy first day fail, and a fall becoming a meme.


Crest Whitestrips And The Tissue Test

I feel like Crest has done a bunch of these tissue test commercials, and they’ve all been pretty crappy. The dialogue in this one is so forced. Teeth are naturally yellow-ish, not bright white like a tissue. Besides, as Ross Geller once showed us, super white teeth are creepy. The woman who crushed the tissue test is Patricia Selznick, while her friend is Charlie Le Grice.



Book Of The Month Is Something To Look Forward To…Every Month

Even though I write a blog about commercials, there’s a lot that I miss. It’s pretty inevitable, given the sheer volume of advertising in the world. So while this funny Book of the Month spot might not be new (it came out in November), I just saw it and thought it was worth a post. It shows women excitedly talking about “that time of the month” to bemused people. “It’s so heavy, I cried” one lady gleefully announces on the phone. We all know what it sounds like they’re talking about, but it’s really their Book of the Month. Haha. Here’s more from Adweek.


That “Smiling Pile Of Poo” Emoji Buick Encore Commercial

I wrote about this Buick Encore spot back in October, but it’s getting aired again, so I’ll revisit it. Jill is very excited with her emojis. I guess we’re at a point where smiling pile of poo emojis aren’t that weird to have in an ad. What is weird is that only a few years ago, this commercial wouldn’t have made sense. Buick’s trying pretty hard to connect to the #millennials with this one. As for the attractive women, Akemi Look is the driver, and Gabrielle “Gabby” Lane is the passenger.

These Fage Yogurt Commercials Feature The Characters Talking To The Narrator

In a new campaign, Fage has a narrator that delivers a voiceover like in many ads. The difference is that in these, the characters respond. Breaking the fourth wall can be witty, but these spots come across as obnoxious. I would say the “totes, obvi” one is the worst offender. Though the “honey, I’m hearing voices again” guy is pretty amusing.

Nature Made Adult Gummies And Mysterious “Princess Toast”

This Nature Made commercial is pretty annoying, but I’m a bit intrigued by that “princess toast.” I also have no idea what’s in it, but it looks pink and sugary, which is usually a good thing. Anyone know who plays the mom?

Tuesday Throwback: State Farm’s “And Can I Get A Hot Tub?”

Much like its famous Jake commercial, State Farm had a long-running hit with this spot. I believe it debuted back in 2010, and it had already been playing for a while when I started the blog. I wonder what exactly the black dude was talking about (“snatching stuff takes…”) when the baseball went through the window. It looked like he was in the middle of a good story. Then the State Farm agent appears! And the State Farm jingle magically brings a sandwich, the girl from 4E, and of course, a hot tub. “And can I get a hot tub?” was a fantastic line which this ad is best remembered for. Mane Rich Andrew plays the “snatching stuff” sandwich lover, Graham Rogers is the hot tub guy, and Holly Lynch is the attractive girl from 4E. Anyone know the identities of Dave the State Farm summoner or the agent?

Burger King’s French Ad Has A Grown Man At School Dressed Like A Little Girl

Buzzman Paris has done some memorable work for Burger King. In their newest spot, a bearded man dons pigtails, and confidently walks down a middle school hallway. He aces a test, “helps out” some of his “classmates” during that exam, and even does a pencil drop before turning in his paper. Why is a grown man risking jail time to do all of this? Well…

It’s a touch depressing to think that the only way to ensure the girl gets a good grade (and that accompanying Burger King trip) is if her dad acts as her stand-in. Though I guess it’s nice to know that dad is smarter than a 5th grader.

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