These Subaru Ads Star A Driving Dog Family

The Barkleys were first featured in Subaru commercials two years ago (how did I miss these?). Now they’re back in more adorable ads created by Carmichael Lynch. In the longest one, Papa Barkley drives around at night with his sleepy puppy child. We also follow them in adventures around town. They have trouble communicating with the voice-activated phone navigation. In another, Mr. and Mrs. Barkley go out for a nice dinner, and have their car parked by a cat valet, who looks like he had a good time with their car. So cute.

Fiber One Says Being Irregular Is The Worst

Let’s now talk about regularity, and the lack of it. While the…opposite of irregularity…might be more sudden and explosive, being irregular can be extremely uncomfortable and embarrassing. Of course, that doesn’t make for a compelling ad, so Fiber One turns up the humor in this new spot. Irregularity might make a grown man show up to a funeral wearing pink sweatpants with “hot” on the backside. It could strike in front of your mother-in-law at your wedding. And you might be in the bathroom for so long that you’ll have aged by 47 years. Not cool.

This Guy Is Far Too Old To Be Eating Danimals At School Lunch

The title says it all. By the way, the Danimals guy is played by 18-year-old Jake Short. So yeah, definitely too old. The other kid’s “yum!” is cringeworthy too.

Super Bowl Retrospecticus: Master Lock Makes Its Mark In One Second

After Sunday’s championship games, Super Bowl 50 is set. It’ll be the Carolina Panthers taking on the Denver Broncos, in case you haven’t been paying attention. And now, we wait. In the meantime, I’ll be writing about some Super Bowl ads of the past and previewing some spots that’ll be coming. Because after all, the Super Bowl might be the only place where people are more likely to go to the bathroom or talk during the game rather than the commercials. And of course, there’s the false but enduring urban legend about bathroom usage during halftime.

Master Lock isn’t really a company you think would advertising on the Super Bowl. They aren’t huge, and a bit boring (but oh so functional) as a consumer product. But they used to have Super Bowl commercials all the time. How did they afford it? Well, Master Lock would spend its entire advertising budget on this one spot. In 1974, Master Lock introduced a commercial in which a lock was fired on by a sharpshooter. It survived. This first “Tough Under Fire” ad is often ranked as one of the best Super Bowl commercials of all time. It was so successful that Master Lock would continue running similar ads for years. All of this culminated with 1998’s commercial. By that time, Super Bowl advertising costs had ballooned, so Master Lock introduced a one second ad (apparently these are called blipverts). If you were paying attention, it was probably effective as hell at a fraction of the cost.

Visit Philadelphia And You Might See A Giant Ben Franklin/Cheesesteak Face-Off

Have you ever been to Philadelphia? Philly’s a pretty cool city, full of history and possibly my favorite food, cheesesteaks. This bizarre Visit Philadelphia ad “Philazillas” (hat tip to AdFreak) starts off like a normal tourism commercial but then veers into the surreal. A giant Ben Franklin starts fighting a giant cheesesteak. Ben shoots laser beams, and Cheez Whiz flies onto the streets! But it’s not a big deal really…those two do it all the time.


I Want Cinnamon Bun Oreos!

Last week, Cinnamon Bun Oreos were released, and they’ve been getting some rave reviews. I love Oreos and cinnamon rolls, so they seem like a slam dunk for me. I went to a bunch of stores looking for them, but no luck. Maybe it’s because they’re so new. Anyway, seeing this whimsical, well-written, visually rich commercial introducing Cinnamon Bun Oreos (and Red Velvet Oreos, which look fine but I probably won’t buy) has only increased my desire.

Justin Guarini Is Diet Dr Pepper’s Lil’ Sweet

Justin Guarini is probably best known as the guy who was the runner-up to Kelly Clarkson in the first American Idol. Or perhaps as the guy who starred next to Kelly in From Justin to Kelly, often regarded as one of the worst movies of all time. Now Justin’s back in the spotlight as the Prince (or perhaps David Bowie) lookalike Lil’ Sweet in these new ads for Diet Dr Pepper. Lil’ Sweet serves as a genie, dispensing Diet Dr Pepper as a reward for folding laundry or building a playhouse. Sorta sweet and totally silly.

Expedia Helps A Little Girl Meet A Tiger At The San Diego Zoo

San Diego is supposed to be a great city to visit. I’m sure it would be especially nice right now, what with this giant blizzard we have in NYC and all over the East Coast. One of San Diego’s top attractions is its famous zoo. This ad tells the story of a father and daughter who book a little trip to San Diego using Expedia. The young girl wears a tiger suit and she’s pleasantly surprised when her new friend says hello (behind glass of course). I love tigers!

Uncle Ben’s And “The Sign”

A dad is preparing dinner for his daughter and wife. It’s frozen pizzas. After seeing his daughter’s picture of him cooking an elaborate dinner, he decides for something healthier: Uncle Ben’s rice and vegetables. It all seems standard. But what makes this spot more interesting is that the family is made out of fabric and it’s shot with stop-motion animation. And somewhat bizarrely, the commercial’s song is a cover of Ace of Base’s “The Sign.” Ahh, ’90s nostalgia. Pretty cute ad.

Crest Says Women Love Strippers

This Crest Whitestrips commercial has a really stupid and cheap joke, yet I still chuckled a bit. Considering that it has more than 75% dislikes on YouTube, this might say something about me. Alas.

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