Citi Double Cash’s Brutally Honest Date

Going on bad dates is pretty much a universal human experience. We’ve all had at least one. I’m thinking about a particular one where I said “see ya” as we departed, and then almost instantly thought to myself “no, I won’t actually…at least not on purpose.” So that’s the premise of these Citi Double Cash spots. They play out date scenarios where people are brutally honest. Of course, the situations wouldn’t happen in real life, but Citi ties it into its Double Cash credit card by stating that it would be great if people said what they meant. The woman is played by Katlyn Carlson and the man is played by Zack Robidas.




Chinese Detergent Brand Qiaobi Has An Ad Where A Black Man Gets Shoved Into A Washer And Comes Out A Chinese Man

I’m putting this Qiaobi commercial up here before it inevitably is pulled. Hat tip to Gizmodo. What the fuck is this? Super racist, and the man getting forcibly shoved into a washer isn’t so nice either…

Tuesday Throwback: This Rocker Hates Suburbia And The Bourgeoisie, But He Really Loves Ally Bank!

Singing about how you love your bank is about as not ragin’ as it gets, even if it’s a sentiment that’s from the heart. It is cool that he’s so enamored with Ally Bank. I remember writing about this one in the early days of the blog in 2011, and it still cracks me up.

Kona Brewing Company Says Mainlanders Should Start Calling Thursday “Little Friday”

I’ve never been to Hawaii, but it’s a place I’d love to visit. Sure it has some problems if you live there, but what an incredibly beautiful locale. In this spot, Kona Brewing Company brings some laid-back advice for those of us in the contiguous States. While Friday has TGIF, Thursday doesn’t have much. So these chill Hawaiian guys suggest calling it “Little Friday” (in college, we called it Thirsty Thursday). Of course, as they’re speaking it’s Monday AKA “Teeny-tiny Friday.” It’s Tuesday now…so just Tiny Friday?

Secret Deodorant Shows A Woman Proposing To A Man

Proposing has to be one of the most nerve-racking questions that people will ever ask. There are strong implications of when the reply is no, and that’s multiplied by the potential of embarrassment if it’s a highly public proposal (pro tip: don’t do a highly public proposal). But one thing that’s remained pretty much unchanged is that in heterosexual relationships, it’s almost always the man proposing to the woman. Sure, Monica proposed to Chandler on Friends (or started to), but only about 5 percent of those currently married say the woman proposed. So Secret brings the premise of staying cool under pressure to this situation. It’s pretty apparent what’s going on when Andy opens up the fortune cookie. Andy doesn’t seem like the brightest bulb. Look at Claire flipping the script on a centuries-old tradition! Does he say yes?


Drink Guinness And Discover An Indonesian Ski Resort (Wait, What?)

If you’d never seen snow before, how would you react to it? You’d probably have a reaction of wonder, joy, and playfulness. That’s what happens in this Guinness ad created by London’s Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO. Rumor has it that someone built a ski resort high in the mountains of Indonesia. So a group of friends decide to search it out for themselves. The spot takes a little time to get going, but the visuals are fantastic, and the ending payoff is pretty great too. What makes it even better is that according to the agency, this really was the first time the guys had seen or touched snow, and their reactions are genuine.

Aeromexico Talks About The Negatives Of Borders…Taking A Not So Subtle Shot At Donald Trump

This ad has the subtlety of a sledgehammer. It would be pretty easy to criticize it as being too heavy-handed. With all the talk of borders and visuals of walls, it’s pretty obviously taking a shot at a certain presumptive Republican nominee with an obsession for forced deportations and building a hugely expensive wall. But while obvious, this ad created by Ogilvy & Mather Mexico contains really strong copy and imagery, and a compelling narration. We only learn that it’s an airline ad for Aeromexico in the at the end. “Borders. On land they can maintain distances. But in the sky … we show you it’s different.” Nice.

Snapple Presents Funny Dramatizations Of Real Facts

According to Snapple “Real Fact” #950, the first spam was sent by telegraph in 1864. Of course, these 1860s people wouldn’t know what Social Security numbers were since they didn’t exist until the 1930s, but it’s still amusing to see them get duped by a Nigerian prince scam. We also learn that dolphins are unable to smell, dancing to the National Anthem is illegal in Massachusetts, the King of Hearts is the only one without a mustache, and in a somewhat disturbing dramatization, we learn that bees are born fully grown. Fascinating! Writing Snapple “Real Facts” seems like an under the radar dream job.

Tuesday Throwback: Shiny Toy Guns’ Awesome Song Helps Make This Lincoln MKZ Ad Great

Here’s one that would have gotten a whole lot of pageviews if I started the blog a few years earlier. It features the Shiny Toy Guns song “Major Tom (Coming Home)”, a cover of the 1983 version recorded by Peter Schilling. The song sounds fantastic, and fits quite well with the sleek visuals of the Lincoln commercial. A joy to watch and listen to.

Geico Shows A Marriage Proposal Interrupted By A Butt Dial

Butt dials…they happen occasionally. It seems like they’re much rarer now that most people have smartphones as opposed to phones with keys, but they still occur. Now what would be the worst situation for a butt dial to interfere? A marriage proposal would be high on the list, as happens in the newest of Geico’s “It’s What You Do” campaign, created by The Martin Agency. And as we see, not only does Todd interrupt a proposal with his butt dial, but he also has his own seemingly ill-advised proposal up his sleeve. At a baseball game, of course. Nicholas Daly Clark plays Sarah’s proposing beau, and Jozef Fahey is Todd the Butt Dialer. Stevie Nelson plays Sarah, and Lyndsey Doolen is Todd’s the Butt Dialer’s new fiancee.

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