Tuesday Throwback: John Jameson Attends His Own Funeral

I wrote about this Jameson commercial early in Commercial Society’s history, and I still love it. So badass.

If You Don’t Watch This Ad, A Puppy Will Be Killed!

YouTube videos often have short ads that can be skipped after five seconds. And 94 percent of them get skipped after the first five seconds. I write a blog about ads, and I still skip these ads. So Nail Communications, a Providence, Rhode Island agency has an interesting way to make you watch. The same tactic was used on an old National Lampoon magazine cover, but still, it’s pretty notable. And it’s got a great 26% view rate. I’m glad that adorable puppy didn’t get electrocuted, and I’m glad the ASPCA will get some extra dough.



This Commercial Shows How Mr. Sketch Scented Markers Get Their Scents

Mr. Sketch markers! I bet you had them as a kid, and I bet you haven’t thought about them in a while. Now, Mr. Sketch has its first ever TV spot, created by BBH New York. It’s a funny one, starring a farting blueberry.

Neil Patrick Harris Wants To Drink A Heineken Light, But Can’t

Contrary to popular belief (I believed it), there are no established rules against drinking alcohol in advertisements. But it’s something you won’t see, and Neil Patrick Harris pokes fun at that in this new Heinkeken commercial created by Wieden+Kennedy New York. Poor NPH. He just wants to drink that Heineken Light.

Tuesday Throwback: That Awkward Hall’s Refresh Commercial In A Dorm Room

This one is from 2009, and damn, it’s awkward. We got the mom, Mrs. Hunter, and her son’s new roommate sharing a moment over a Hall’s Refresh. Is it normal for an 18 year old to be asking Mrs. Hunter if she wants a cough drop? And would he really be calling it a Halls Refresh? They both enjoy the mouth-wateringly refreshing juicy flavor, much to the shock of Ronnie and Ronnie’s dad (presumably Mr. Hunter). It’s got moisture action! I remember finding it to be somewhat amusing, but I’m not the only one who was a little creeped out.

Why Is This Guinness At An Empty Chair?

Guinness isn’t a company you’d think would have emotionally engrossing ads, but they’re on a roll after last year’s wheelchair basketball commercial and now this one. In the new spot, a full Guinness always sits at an empty chair at an empty table. It’s only towards to end where we realize why. Good stuff.

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