The Wendy’s Redhead Cutie Does Asiago Ranch Chicken

Really, there’s not much interesting about this new Wendy’s commercial. But people love the redhead, Morgan Smith Goodwin, so I suppose it’s post-worthy. The Asiago Ranch Chicken Club looks like Wendy’s is trying to get more sophisticated with foodie-type items (“It’s way better than fast food. It’s Wendy’s.”) And it seems like many fast food places are also trying to class it up, with more competition from “fast casual” restaurants.

Axe’s Commercial With Hair And Boobs

Axe’s great Susan Glenn commercial was decidedly highbrow and a huge departure away from its normally lunkheaded brand identity. This new Axe spot from BBH called “Office Love” is a strange combination of classy and trashy. On the one hand, you have the artsy direction, with puppets provided by Jim Henson’s Creature Shop. And there’s the pretty (if somewhat pretentious) sounds of Daniel Johnston’s “True Love Will Find You in the End”. Of course, we’re also talking about an ad whose protagonists are a head of hair and a pair of breasts. It’s a polarizing one. I’m not even really sure what to think. Adrants likes it, AdFreak not so much. It’s got a good overall rating on Ads of the World, but a pretty terrible like/dislike rate on YouTube. In the end, your attitude of this commercial might come down down to its fundamental premise. Are boobs always what guys see first? Is hair always what girls see first?


Deion Sanders Is Still DirecTV’s Football Fairy (With Eli Manning Now!)

Last year, DirecTV introduced an odd campaign to promote its NFL Sunday Ticket package. It featured Deion Sanders as some sort of football fanatic fairy/fly on the wall. And now, the campaign continues and also has a winged Eli Manning! Still weird.

Commercials I Hate: Target’s Back To School

There’s a place in the world for campiness, and sometimes it can be entertaining. But these Target back to school ads are just awful.

This Guy’s Date Caught Him On The BMW Rear View Camera

So it looks like this couple is going to prom. The young man is excited and does a move that appears embarrassing, but in the end, it works out for him. Funny stuff. The song is “Have Love Will Travel” by The Sonics.

Subaru: A Cute Little Girl Helps Out Her Mom

I’m a fan of Subaru’s “Love” campaign. It’s just really sweet and well, nice. Here’s a few more from the “Love” campaign created by Carmichael Lynch. The first is “Take Your Daughter To Work” themed, and the second involves a familiar and supportive fan during a bike race. I don’t think these are as strong as some of Subaru’s other work, but still, they’re just very nice.

Hanes: Wear ComfortBlend, Not Kittens

A hat tip to Adweek for this new Hanes spot created by The Martin Agency. I am currently wearing a Hanes ComfortBlend white t-shirt, and it’s quite comfortable and soft (tagless, too). It’s not as soft as wearing a kitten shirt though. But would you really want to wear kittens? While adorable, it sounds quite hot and scratchy. Michael Jordan sure hangs out with schlubs, too.

That Ragu Commercial Where A Chubby Kid Walks In On His Parents

Somewhat random and uncomfortable, but pretty funny at the same time. I’m glad Ragu made this kid feel less traumatized.

Target’s College Acceptance Extravaganza

So this new Target commercial featuring elated teenagers reacting to college acceptances reminds me of my own experiences. I applied to a few local colleges in Ohio and some out of state ones. But they were all places that were essentially on my level. I knew I would get into the Ohio schools and the other ones were more of a toss-up, but I wasn’t really surprised when I got acceptance packages everywhere. Getting in was only part of the battle, getting money from the schools was the bigger issue. I’ll just say my reactions were happy, but much more muted. By the way, I ended up going to Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts.

Anyway, the commercial. It’s nice, I suppose. I’m sure these kids busted their asses in high school and it’s cool to see them have a moment in the sun. Though the snarky cynic is me has a feeling that they’ll be less excited when the first student loan bill comes in. The song is “Soldier” by Ingrid Michaelson.

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