Geico: This Groom Was Raised By Wolves

Well, this is the first February 29th post in 4 years, and it’ll be the last for 4 years. Anyway, you’ve undoubtedly heard the term “raised by wolves” to refer to someone who’s sloppy and uncivilized. In this Geico commercial, we go to a wedding and meet a groom who was literally raised by wolves. They wolf down food as wolves do, pull the linens of the tables, jump around, and howl. Ansley Gordon and Shondalia White play the bridesmaids, Aynsley Bubbico is the bride, Dan Lippert is the groom, and the older woman who better be sitting down is Bonnie Bailey-Reed.


The Song From Apple’s iPhone 11 Night Mode Commercial

If you’ve taken pictures on your phone at night, you know that it can sometimes be a dicey proposition. So enter iPhone 11’s Night mode, which brings some truly spectacular photos. This commercial has been a huge hit views-wise, like a lot of Apple’s content. Nearly 38 million views as I’m writing this…wow. Now for the song. Anyone who’s listened to alternative rock in the last 30 years will recognize the distinctive voice of Billy Corgan. The song playing is “We Only Come Out At Night” by the Smashing Pumpkins.

Nike’s Lovely “Mamba Forever” Tribute To Kobe Bryant

If you were wondering when Nike would do a tribute to Kobe Bryant, it debuted today during the memorial for him and his daughter Gianna. It’s a simple and lovely video with no videos or images…just text and audio over a black background. Mamba Forever!

Chili’s Says “Let’s Go Out To ‘Ita!”

I really, really hope that “Let’s go out to ‘Ita” doesn’t become some kind of catchphrase that people actually start saying. I’m pretty sure it won’t be. Maybe for irony, but I think that’s about it. But you can have fajitas and margaritas at Chili’s, so that’s cool if you’re into it. Betsy Helmer plays the Chili’s hostess.

Buffalo Wild Wings Introduces Boneless Thugs-N-Harmony

If you’re Buffalo Wild Wings and you wanted a buzzworthy way of promoting your boneless wings, what would you do? Well, you could call up a beloved rap group and try to get them to change their name. And thus comes Boneless Thugs-N-Harmony…despite the objection of Layzie Bone, who says “I ain’t changin sh*t!” Despite Layzie’s misgivings, majority rules and the name change took off. Will the name change stick? Will the new Buffalo Wild Wings boneless wings be the end of the Bone Thugs? Only time will tell.

That Burger King Commercial With The Moldy Whopper

This new Burger King commercial released earlier today has become the talk of the advertising world. It stars a Whopper that’s free of artificial preservatives and thus gets gross and moldy as it ages. You’ve probably seen how McDonald’s burgers don’t rot because of all the artificial stuff, and this ad seems to be a direct shot at the Golden Arches. It’s a risky move to associate your product with decay and mold, but I think it’s a very smart ad. Here’s more about the renegade spot. By the way, the song is Aretha Franklin’s “What a Difference a Day Made.”

Domino’s Thinks It’s The New Cheers

Nostalgia is in for Domino’s. During the Super Bowl, they ran a commercial with a parody of the famous and much-lampooned underwear dancing sequence from Risky Business. Now Domino’s is channeling Cheers. We hear the familiar theme music and see a Domino’s that looks like Cheers. Norm, played by George Wendt, walks in. Except the Domino’s employee doesn’t know his name, since Norm didn’t check in on Pie Pass. Because everyone will know your name when you check in on Pie Pass. The commercial uses footage of Wendt from Cheers (the editing is pretty sloppy) along with his current voice. Here’s more about this one, which will surely be a polarizing ad.

This Seniorcare USA Commercial Is Pretty Ridiculous

I was thinking of putting it in “This Commercial Sucks” territory, but the acting is so awful that it’s actually quite entertaining. Here’s a good YouTube comment: “They must have gotten these actors from the Christmas play at church.” But if you can stifle your laughs from the bad acting, it does a decent job of explaining Final Expense Insurance with Seniorcare USA. This is a commercial that you’re probably unlikely to see unless you’re watching daytime TV, and indeed I caught it while in the breakroom at work.

Sprite’s Dancing Carnival Rhino From Brazil

Have you ever wanted to see a CGI rhino who’s dancing to Carnival music while holding a few cans of Sprite? If so, you’ll like this one, which is part of Sprite’s “Liga O Fresh” campaign created by Wieden+Kennedy Sao Paulo.

Cascade: Sarah Michelle Gellar And Freddie Prinze Jr. Do It Every Night

Celebrity couples are notorious for having short shelf lives, but one that has lasted is Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. These former teen idols started dating in 2000, and married in 2002. So what’s one of their secrets to success? Well, they do it every night. Until recently, they were only doing it once, maybe twice a week. But now they do it every night. They run the dishwasher with Cascade Platinum every night, of course. It saves water versus hand washing, and is much less effort too! So now they do it after the kids are asleep, they do it after pasta, they do it after enchiladas, and they do it after takeout. They do it to save water, energy, and time! So do it like Sarah and Freddie!

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