The Song From Apple’s iPhone 12 Commercial

The iPhone 12 is now out, so of course Apple is hyping it up. And like most things that Apple does, this one has gotten a ton of views…more than 19 million as I’m writing this. It shows the iPhone 12 as so powerful that it literally blows stuff away. And that song? It’s the curiously named “Gopher Mambo” from Peruvian singer Yma Sumac.

Apple’s iPhone Privacy Ad Humorously Gets Into Oversharing

Would you want strangers on the bus to know that you’re browsing for divorce attorneys? Would you want people to know the articles you read on the crapper? What about the fact that you bought prenatal vitamins or pregnancy tests? Would you want the world to know your address, heart rate, or credit card number? I’m gonna guess no (but if the answer is yes, more power to you, I guess). Apple and iPhone say that some things shouldn’t be shared. And as an aside, it feels a bit weird to see ads where nobody is wearing a mask.

The Song From Apple’s iPhone 11 Night Mode Commercial

If you’ve taken pictures on your phone at night, you know that it can sometimes be a dicey proposition. So enter iPhone 11’s Night mode, which brings some truly spectacular photos. This commercial has been a huge hit views-wise, like a lot of Apple’s content. Nearly 38 million views as I’m writing this…wow. Now for the song. Anyone who’s listened to alternative rock in the last 30 years will recognize the distinctive voice of Billy Corgan. The song playing is “We Only Come Out At Night” by the Smashing Pumpkins.

Gordon Ramsay Wants You To Get The Most Of Your iPhone 11 Pro With AT&T

Here we catch up with Gordon Ramsay cooking up samples at a Costco-esque store. A couple approaches him as he’s making quesadillas and the woman snaps a picture. The guy quips that handing out samples seems like just “an OK use of your culinary talents, dude.” Gordon strikes back that it’s like getting a brand new iPhone, but not pairing it with AT&T. He also smacks the guy’s hand when he tries to grab a quesadilla with his grubby fingers. It’s not a buffet after all…use a cocktail stick! The man is played by Darrell Britt-Gibson and the wise-cracking woman is Jackie Preciado.

Apple: This Woman Laughs Uproariously At Her iPhone Messages

She’s sitting in a salon chair, when we hear the iMessage sound. She starts laughing…and just doesn’t stop. It grows more and more uproarious over the next minute, evolving from a mere chuckle to a full-throated and full-bodied cackle. It starts to feel like a joke that’s gone on for too long. So what’s she laughing at? Well, we’ll never know since iMessage encrypts your conversations. Because not everyone needs to be in on the joke. Does anyone know who plays the laughing lady? And do you find her laughter to be charming or annoying?

Apple Says “Don’t Mess With Mother” In This Stunning iPhone XS Ad

In Apple’s new Earth Day commercial, we see stunning visuals of our planet shot on iPhone XS. Just beautiful. Earth is amazing. And the heavy metal soundtrack really adds to the scene. The song is Megadeth’s “Last Rites/Loved to Deth.” I could watch this one over and over. And I probably will.

Apple: This Teenager Has Questions About Shaving His Burgeoning Mustache

Apple has been really been emphasizing the iPhone’s privacy features in its newest ads. Here, we meet a 15 year old boy with a growing mustache (and a unibrow too). He searches on his iPhone and finds websites that say its normal to start shaving at his age. So he puts down his phone and gets to shaving. The message about privacy is that Safari limits sites from tracking you, because “what you browse should be your business.” That’s cool. The song playing throughout is Bo Diddley’s “I’m A Man.”

Apple Says Not To Bokeh A Child

Bokeh sounds like a made-up term, but it’s a real thing. This is just the first time I’ve heard it. Anyway, in this new Apple iPhone spot, a mom shows another mom a picture of their young sons. The boys are best buds. But uhh…what’s the blur in the back? The one mom seems outraged that her son Jacob is bokeh’d out. With the iPhone XR and XS Depth Control feature, you can “un-bokeh”, but it seems like the damage is done. This is a rare Apple ad with dialogue and no music. It’s also one that’s burning up YouTube, with 19 million views only a few days after being released. Anyone know who play the moms?

The Song In Apple’s Colorful iPhone XR Commercial

This iPhone XR spot is a fun one to watch, what with the rush of color-coded humanity running and parkouring about. And like most of Apple’s ads, it’s also got a memorable song. That song is “Come Along” by Cosmo Sheldrake. If you were wondering, this spot was filmed in Prague.

AT&T: This Woman Sends Emails To Santa

In an ad from this fall that’s since been removed, a man and woman chatted in the AT&T Innovations lab. It came up that the woman made out with Santa at the office holiday party, but that Santa ghosted him. Well, she apparently still emails Santa. But she’s not comfortable sharing his email address. The woman is played by Mary Holland…anyone know who plays the man?

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