Air Wick Shows A Very Important Pilot On The Toilet

Uhh…how did I miss this one? The VIP (Very Important Pilot) here sits on the throne and lets us know that when he drops off his very important cargo at 30,000 feet, he uses Air Wick’s V.IP. Pre-Poop Spray. Why you might ask? Well, aerosols merely mask odors in the air, whereas V.IP. creates a protective layer on the water’s surface, trapping “odorous odors” inside the bowl. I especially like the graphics here. I cracked up at this ad, though that might say more about my sense of humor. If you’re a commenter on, you’re probably not a fan.

Old Spice And A Woman Who Nose Best Help Out This Hapless Pilot

Like a lot of Old Spice’s ads, this one is splashy has been getting a ton of views (6.4 million on YouTube to date) and comments online. A man is flying a small plane, and he doesn’t know where he is. It’s raining too! The calm woman at ground control instructs him to look under his seat, where he finds a variety of Old Spice grooming products. He’s fluster and angry, but puts on the deodorant and pomade, and starts his descent. He suddenly becomes suave, even while smoothly crashing into the room where the woman sits. They meet, and She Nose Best. Anyone know who play the man and woman?

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