AT&T Helps A High School Football Player Say Hello To The World

Pretty cool stuff here on this AT&T 4G ad. After a ridiculously athletic flip during a scrimmage is recorded, the video goes viral. As the video reaches around the world, it gains the attention of University of Oklahoma head football coach Bob Stoops, who suddenly wants to say hello to this promising player. And what’s best is that it’s a real video (or not…whatever, I still like it.)

Samsung: This Guy’s Wife Made Him A Video

I’ll admit that I’ve seen this one a few times without really paying attention. I like Samsung’s campaigns, but some of the spots tend to be too similar. But I just watched it and paid attention. Saucy. The wife’s eyebrow bounce is great. It’s burning up YouTube…more than 5.6 million views since being posted four days ago. The wife is played by Margaret Emery.

Subaru’s Cutesy Kid Car Wash

It’s a cute Subaru commercial (as they tend to be), but is it too cute? I’m taking an advertising class right now, and “too cute” is one of the common criticisms. This might cross the line. I wonder if a real-life father would be this understanding and just laugh it off. Things to consider…

Those Ridiculously Catchy Toyota Prius Jingles

First off, I’d like to apologize to my loyal reader(s) for the lack of postage lately. It’s probably been a combination of me being busier and the current crop of commercials not interesting me as much. But I’m still here, and there’s still good stuff out there. I realized I hadn’t written about these CGI Toyota Prius commercials. The jingle is ridiculously catchy. Same basic jingle in both spots, but different visuals and lyrics. Apparently the Prius family has grown to 4 now. So let’s hum!

Brad Pitt Strangely Shills Chanel No. 5

These Chanel No. 5 ads have gone hugely viral…Part 1 has garnered more than 4 million views on YouTube since being uploaded on Sunday. Apparently, Brad Pitt is the first man to endorse Chanel No. 5. And yeah, I know Brad Pitt is sexy as hell, but these commercials are silly as hell. Primed for a parody, as AdFreak notes. He’s just talking and talking. Ridiculous.

10/22 update: Primed for a parody? Yep.

Morgan Freeman Narrates This Ad For Barack Obama

Not to get all political, but I’m pretty sure Morgan Freeman can get anyone to do anything. Because he’s just that great.

DirecTV’s Naked Shower Commercial

Funny spot, but very racy. I wonder how long this will be on the air. The guy’s annoyed brushing won’t get his teeth very clean. Also, I find it odd that this commercial is for Genie, DirecTV’s whole home DVR, but Genie is never mentioned by name.

Snoop Dogg’s Pocket Like It’s Hot: How Did This Take 8 Years?

Freshman year of college. 2004. A different time and place. Two prevalent aspects of that period were Hot Pockets and Snoop Dogg’s “Drop It Like It’s Hot.” Which when combined could lead to the awkward combination of diarrhea and dancing. Anyway, I am absolutely stunned that it took 8 years for “Pocket Like It’s Hot” to come out. Seriously. How did anyone not think of this before?

DirecTV Sez: Don’t Drive Into A Pizzeria That Makes Great Baked Ziti

A continuation of the year’s best commercial campaign from Grey New York. I’m fairly certain this one was shown sparingly during the early summer, but it’s just been on YouTube for the last week or so. Anyway, seeing my parents in that freaky situation would be very traumatizing. And now I’m also in the mood for some baked ziti.

MLB’s Postseason Cincinnati Reds Commercial

Go Reds!

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