This Woman Was Caught Cheating With The Red M&M

The M&Ms saga of Liz and Scott sort of reminds me of this famous fake ad for Heineken. And it’s hard not to like any commercial that uses “Tainted Love.” Liz is played by Erin Ross.

Israel’s Life M6 Razors Show A Man Shaving His Beard After 14 Years

And we’re back! When you’re used to seeing someone a certain way, seeing that person change their appearance can be a big shock. I typically have a beard, but I sometimes will change it up and spontaneously shave. The first time I did this, a few of my co-workers (who had never seen me clean-shaven) wondered who the hell I was. And commented (pretty accurately) that I looked 10 years younger.

This experience is exponentially amplified in “My New Face” a 3-minute film created to advertise Israeli pharmacy chain Super-Pharm’s line of Life M6 razors. 44-year-old Amit, AKA “Mook”, has had a beard for 14 years. His kids has never seen his without it, nor has his wife. So he shaves, and much like me, he looks about 10 years younger afterwards. His family’s reactions are what make the ad though. His father doesn’t recognize him at first and treats him like a regular customer in the family store. His daughter says “you look like a different daddy.” Aww. And his wife says it feels like she’s cheating on him. All because he changed one, albeit one very prominent, feature of himself. This is really nice work. That said, Mook looks better with a beard.

Volvo Wants You To Explore This Summer

There’s not a whole lot to say about this Volvo commercial, other than it’s freakin’ beautiful..the visuals, copy, and music. The song is “Julian” by Say Lou Lou. Well done.

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