Geico Hits Fast Forward In Its New Campaign

It’s February 29th, so I wanted to make sure to post today. You know, since I won’t be able do another February 29 post until 2020. Anyway, Geico’s “Unskippable” was a fantastic and hilarious campaign that I never wrote about on here for some reason. Now, Geico is back with a followup called “Fast Forward.” It further plays off Unskippable’s premise that people don’t want to watch pre-roll ads on YouTube. I write a blog about commercials, and even I skip them. In Fast Forward, we miss key points that turn fairly mundane situations positively surreal. Don’t worry though. If you really want to know what happens in these spots, Geico has extended versions on its YouTube channel. Here’s more on the new campaign from Ad Age.

This Kohl’s Oscar Acceptance Speech Commercial Is Pretty Terrible

I preferred the speech when Cuba Gooding Jr. did it after winning Best Supporting Actor in Jerry Maguire.

McDonald’s Gives An Acceptance Speech For All Day Breakfast

All day breakfast has been a big hit for McDonald’s. It makes you wonder why they didn’t do it sooner. So in this spot set to air during tomorrow’s Oscars, McDonald’s has an all day breakfast acceptance speech, accompanied by some requisite food porn-y visuals. It’s pretty funny, with thanks being given to such people as “our syrup wrangler Sarah.” Oh, and to Canada, for having their own kind of bacon.

The YMCA Announces Zoe For President…In 2064

We were all young once, and how we were raised, even during infancy, can have lifelong effects. So with the help of organizations like the YMCA, maybe Zoe will indeed become President in 2064 (or maybe even before…she’ll be eligible to run in 2052). Cute stuff from Droga5.




Liberty Mutual Offers Accident Forgiveness

This Liberty Mutual commercial featuring a husband who clipped a food truck is not particularly good or interesting. But I’ve been asked about the actress in the ad, and tell you I shall. It’s Raushanah Simmons. If I come across the name of the actor, I’ll add that too.

Ariel Laundry Detergent Urges Dads To Share The Load In This Ad From India

Housework has traditionally been thought of as “women’s work.” And while some studies find that men are helping out increasingly, women still do much more housework in the United States. These differences are even more striking in societies such as India. In this commercial for Ariel laundry detergent created by BBDO Mumbai, a father sees how stressed his daughter is around the house and writes a letter of apology that she has to do it all by herself. He feels bad that while she grew up, she learned that housework was a woman’s domain…a feeling that’s also shared by her husband. He apologizes on behalf of all dads, and says that he’ll make a conscious effort to help his own wife around the home. He’ll “share the load.” Excellent, thought-provoking work.

Lily Is AT&T’s Hostess With The Mostest, According To Siri

Milana Vayntrub has been playing the role of perky AT&T saleslady Lily Adams for a few years. Now we also know that she asks Siri to call her “the AT&T hostess with the mostest.” Excellent. The man is played by Sunkrish Bala.

Dentyne Ice Wants You To Flaunt Your Breath

These short spots from Dentyne Ice all show people who flaunt their breath in an awkward situation: sharing an elevator. The pregnant lady, balloon guy, and yawning woman all seem quite proud of their Dentyne Ice-nice breath.

Martin Sheen And Bill Pullman Swap Presidential Chat In These New Chrysler Commercials

I never watched The West Wing when it was on NBC, but thanks to Netflix, I’ve been able to see it. So it was a joy to watch Martin Sheen reprise his role as President Barlet and Bill Pullman revisit being President…Whitmore (had to look this one up) from Independence Day in these spots created by Wieden+Kennedy. I’d be more eager to vote for either of them than anyone who’s actually running this year.


The University of Phoenix Says Success Takes More Than Brains

So the song, performed by Roarke and based on The Wizard of Oz‘s “If I Only Had a Brain“, is pretty annoying (though check out some of her other stuff, it’s solid). And the University of Phoenix has a quite a spotty reputation. But I dunno, there’s something nice about this commercial showing UofP students grinding at their schoolwork to try to make a better life for themselves and their families. We can debate the last student shooing away the security guard at library closing time. Should we applaud her dedication or denounce her disregard of the poor security guard? You know, he’s probably got a family too.

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