Snickers: Pete Shows Up To A Heist With Fishnets On His Head

If you’re trying to rob an armored car, it’s a good idea to wear a disguise. Pantyhose over your head would work. But fishnet pantyhose…no. Unfortunately, that’s just what hungry Pete did. His old social studies teacher spots him too. Luckily though, Pete’s eating a Creamy Snickers to deal with that hunger. Bright side, right?


Snickers Brings Us Elton John Crooning In A Rap Battle

Sir Elton John might be one of the most iconic singers around, but he is decidedly not a rapper. In this new Snickers spot from the UK, there’s a rap battle at a house party. And Elton John emerges…crooning “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.” But after eating a Snickers, the real rapper Boogie comes out and does his thing. Because you’re not you when you’re hungry, of course. It’s an amusing ad from AMV BBDO.

Snickers Helps Out An Indecisive Cheerleader And An Irritable Grandma

This cheerleader is cheering on the Lions. Or Bears. She’s indecisive…maybe a Salty & Sweet Snickers is what she needs. Anyone know who plays the cheerleader? And an irritable grandma (played by Helen Slayton-Hughes) who got her grandson Joey’s letter but is asking what the hell it is might just benefit from an Espresso Snickers. In a longer spot, Snickers offers a tongue-in-cheek apology for calling readers “jerks” in a print ad. Haha. Nice work from BBDO New York.

Snickers: It’s Almond, Not “Ahmend”!

Have you ever been irritated by the way someone pronounces (or mispronounces) a word? If so, you might relate to this funny Snickers spot, where a guy takes extreme measures to get away from his buddy who keeps pronouncing almond “ahmend.” Of course, you probably wouldn’t bail out of your car, causing it to crash into a mailbox…but you overreact when you’re hungry. Those guys are great. And if you want something a little darker, Snickers also has a commercial featuring a meter reader doing an impromptu confession.

Snickers: Hungry Marilyn Monroe Is Willem Dafoe

One of last year’s most popular Super Bowl commercials featured an angry Danny Trejo who turned out to be a hungry Marcia Brady. Now Snickers is back poking fun at another iconic scene for the Super Bowl. Perhaps if Marilyn Monroe was hungry during the famous skirt blowing scene in The Seven Year Itch, she might have acted like a grumpy Willem Dafoe. Another good one from Snickers.

Tuesday Throwback: Who Are The Chefs?

I believe this Snickers commercial featuring a hapless Kansas City Chiefs groundskeeper was the first in their very funny and long-running “not going anywhere for a while?” campaign. “Great googly moogly” is an awesome quote. And this ad helped me always pay attention in the rare instances I’ve had to write “chiefs.”

People Who Eat Snickers Taste Better To Sharks

Made me laugh.

And incidentally, shark attacks are increasing in the United States.

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