T-Mobile’s Poolside Commercial With Regrettable Tattoos

This T-Mobile ad came out almost three months ago, but I just saw it recently. The ladies opining about their bad decisions (those matching Spring Break ’99 tattoos) are Danielle Weeks and Jessica Makinson (who also played Jane in Geico’s Tarzan ad). The catchy and evocative song in the spot is “Always Something There To Remind Me” by Naked Eyes.


T-Mobile Shows A Babysitter Who Charges Extra Fees

I chuckled at this T-Mobile spot. She’s perhaps not the most responsible babysitter. She charged $30, but the total was $50 after the fees. There’s a pizza ordering fee…we see the son asleep on a pizza box with half-eaten pizza. Then the dog sitting fee, with the daughter giving the dog a not so flattering cut. Finally the rummage through the closet fee, where the babysitter wears the woman’s high heels and snarkily declares “we’re the same size…in shoes.” I mean who is she, Verizon? Haha. The babysitter is Casimere Jollette, and the wife is Heather Simpson.

This Commercial Sucks: T-Mobile’s Lice

So T-Mobile compares AT&T and Verizon’s fees to little bugs. Fees rhymes with fleas, so there’s something. But ultimately, this is a T-Mobile ad…so now I associate T-Mobile with lice, fleas, and other little bugs. Not a great strategy.

Verizon Uses Colored Balls To Demonstrate Its Excellence

I have AT&T and I’m good with it. I see absolutely no reason to switch to Verizon or any other carrier. But apparently, Verizon crushed its competition in an large independent study on wireless performance. Those colored balls going down the twisty slide are pretty hypnotic. And as some observant YouTube commenters have noted, there’s a 666 look at the end. Subliminal stuff.

1/24 update: Sprint and T-Mobile have responded with their own colored ball commercials.

T-Mobile’s Carly Goes Dark

Carly Foulkes has gained notoriety over the last few years for being the sexy and perky T-Mobile Girl. Her trademark was wearing pink and white sundresses. But now, Carly’s dark side has come into play. As the commercial says dubiously/humorously, “No More Mr. Nice Girl.”

Crushin’ On Carly, The T-Mobile Girl

Move over, college in your pajamas girl. I’m really liking the T-Mobile girl, played by Carly Foulkes. I know many of these ads have been on for a while, but I just realized that I hadn’t written about them. There’s a distinct similarity to Apple’s “Get a Mac” campaign, which I hated. It’s amazing how a pretty female can improve my opinion.

The newest one is at the top. Many think the little elves are singing “orgy wonderland”.

And a compilation:

What’s That Song? Part III

Artist: Eric Carmen, Song: “Hungry Eyes”

Funny commercial. Beautiful woman. Lame song though. Gives me bad flashbacks of working retail. Advertisers really love the ’80s. And blue M&Ms are the best.

Artist: K’naan (performed in commercial by Maria Aragon), Song: “Waving Flag” and Maria Aragon cover

What great exposure for young Maria Aragon. As for this HTC Sensation commercial, I feel like it’s a polarizing one. If you’re into social networking and the “new” Internet, you probably love it. If you’re not, you’re probably wondering why people are wasting time like this. Me? I’m somewhere in between.

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