AT&T’s Lily Is Back And Working From Home

Remember Lily? She was AT&T’s spokeswoman for a popular campaign from 2013-16. That role was a springboard for Milana Vayntrub’s career. Now Lily is back and she’s working from home for AT&T. She’s here to let you know that you can get the iPhone 11 for half off on AT&T, and you can put googly eyes on your stuff to keep yourself company. With apologies to Nancy the Googly Mug, Geraldo the Googly Guitar is Lily’s best friend. Lily also wants you to get excited about 5G (which, uhh, didn’t cause COVID-19). 5G’s got faster speeds, more reliability, and better response times. All useful if you’re making sourdough.

AT&T Says “Just OK Is Not OK” In An Elevator

AT&T’s yearlong “Just OK Is Not OK” campaign continues with this new set of ads. In one, an elevator doesn’t quite get out where it’s supposed to and a chatty guy talking about people getting stuck in elevators in the movies doesn’t help matters. Just OK doesn’t work when you’re skydiving. A sketchy tax “professional” who’s getting audited, takes a lot of trips to the Cayman Islands on his yacht “Offshore Accounts” and changed his name to Dennis Celery (he was Phil, but Phil is now legally dead after falling off a boat)? Not OK. By the way, Dennis Celery is played by Bob Stephenson (not Jim O’Heir as previously written). And finally, a wedding with a cringe-inducing pause before “I do” is not OK. I’ll add some more actor/actress info to this post when I find it.

1/13 update: The Cayman Islands objected to this commercial, and subsequent edits just referred to “islands” instead of The Caymans.



Gordon Ramsay Wants You To Get The Most Of Your iPhone 11 Pro With AT&T

Here we catch up with Gordon Ramsay cooking up samples at a Costco-esque store. A couple approaches him as he’s making quesadillas and the woman snaps a picture. The guy quips that handing out samples seems like just “an OK use of your culinary talents, dude.” Gordon strikes back that it’s like getting a brand new iPhone, but not pairing it with AT&T. He also smacks the guy’s hand when he tries to grab a quesadilla with his grubby fingers. It’s not a buffet after all…use a cocktail stick! The man is played by Darrell Britt-Gibson and the wise-cracking woman is Jackie Preciado.

AT&T: Boy Bands Without Dancing Are Just OK

Well, I’m back after an unplanned hiatus. AT&T continues its “Just OK Is Not OK” campaign with this spot that features a confounding boy band. See, they sing catchy songs…but they don’t dance. They just stand in a still, robotic pose. And that’s just pretty awkward. What’s also awkward is that dad’s dancing…eek. Judging from the comments on this ad, people really like the song about a summertime lover. The actor/actress list for this one is quite long, so I’ll just link to iSpot’s info.

AT&T’s Runaway Train Commercial

Here’s one where you don’t know what it’s advertising until the very end, but it’s so compelling to watch that you can’t turn away. We see a scene from the old West, with a train rumbling through the rugged landscape. Then there’s a gang who’s going to blow up the tracks and rob the train when it derails. The engineer sees it happening…but it can’t stop in time. It blows, and then the derailed train turns into a kidsy stop-motion animated scene with a catchy song. From Westerns to family films, you can get movies and more with AT&T Unlimited Plans. Here’s more from Ad Age about AT&T’s very fun spot.

AT&T: Just OK Carnival Safety Is Not OK

The sketchy/unscrupulous carnival worker stereotype is a common one in American culture. In AT&T’s latest from its “Just OK Is Not OK” campaign, a mother and son are about to ride a ride and when mom asks about whether it’s safe, the carny says he assembled it OK. The kid asks what if something bad happens and the worker simply responds “we just move to the next town.” Oof. Judging from the brutal like/dislike rate on YouTube and the angry comments on iSpot, there are a lot of offended carnies out there. In case you were wondering, Matty Cardarople plays the carnival guy, and Anthony Naylor Jr. is the boy. Anyone know who plays the mom? Elsewhere, AT&T has another ad from the campaign featuring crappy “Just OK” bearded movers (Beardos Movers…haha). That one hasn’t gotten angry reactions (yet), so I guess movers are less defensive about their profession.

AT&T Says “Just OK” March Madness Announcers Are Not OK

AT&T continues with their “Just OK Is Not OK” campaign, and since they’re a major sponsor of the NCAA Tournament, these spots are March Madness-themed. The campaign presents scenarios where it would be wrong for things to be “just OK”, though examples they show are much, much worse than OK.  These have an announcing duo, with play-by-play guy Ken, and clueless color commentator Phil. AT&T has a huge number of these on their YouTube page, so I’ll just post some highlights. There’s one where Phil misunderstands when he’s asked to give some insight about his time as a player. Phil also thinks a guy who got a rebound is actually on the rebound, and shouts out “Freebird!” to the band. And goofy Phil thinks his job as the color commentator is to actually comment on colors…which he does quite well in describing Purdue’s hues. Haha. Mark Neely plays Ken, and Phil is played by Tim Baltz.


AT&T Says “Just OK Is Not OK”

In this amusing new campaign, AT&T depicts a number of situations where “just OK is not OK.” Like you wouldn’t want your surgeon to be deemed just OK right before you’re about to go under the knife. Or a babysitter that’s just OK with kids…not OK. You wouldn’t want your first tattoo to look OK, and a mechanic that’s OK with brakes? Nope. And don’t even get started on sushi that’s OK. Have I written OK enough in this post? As for actor/actress info, Phoebe Neidhardt plays the babysitter, Cyndi Melendez is the sushi server and Sara Amini plays the “is it fresh?” sushi customer. I’ll add the names of others as I find them.






AT&T: This Woman Sends Emails To Santa

In an ad from this fall that’s since been removed, a man and woman chatted in the AT&T Innovations lab. It came up that the woman made out with Santa at the office holiday party, but that Santa ghosted him. Well, she apparently still emails Santa. But she’s not comfortable sharing his email address. The woman is played by Mary Holland…anyone know who plays the man?

AT&T Invents A Clock With More Time

With the new iPhone on AT&T, there’s more entertainment than people have time for. So this AT&T employee invented a new clock with more time on it. Sounds great…but it’s just a regular wall clock with a 13 drawn on it. It’s a prototype though. The woman is played by Mary Holland…anyone know who Daniel is?

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