Tia And Jake Are Happy To Have Found Their Flat On Zoopla

In this cheeky Zoopla advert from the UK, we meet Tia and Jake. As the voiceover from Diane Morgan explains, they just moved into their new flat, and it was the single greatest moment of their lives. So what made them scream with pure joy? Well, as the bouncing picture on the wall and banging sounds might indicate, they’re quite glad to no longer be living with Jake’s parents. The song playing is Heart’s power ballad “Alone.” Elsewhere, Alex is happy to find her new place where she can be free to do exactly what she wants with the place. But eek…it’s quite a fixer-upper.  They’re amusing ads created by agency Lucky Generals.

Tuesday Throwback: Jake From State Farm

I remember the “Jake from State Farm” commercial debuting in 2011, around the same time I started this blog. I wrote about it, but didn’t realize that it would become such a huge hit…an ad that would be aired for years. But looking back, it’s still hilarious. I’ve even seen people dress up for Halloween as Jake from State Farm. I guess that’s a convenient costume if you’re somewhat lazy and own a red polo and khakis. Jake Stone was a real-life State Farm agent, and according to this article, he quit shortly after the ad was released. I still wonder how many people call their State Farm agents at 3 AM. Justin Campbell plays the husband, and Melanie Paxson is the wife.

Taco Bell: If You’ve Got Rolled Chicken Tacos, You Might End Up Awkwardly Chest Bumping Your Girlfriend’s Ex

Jake and Jen are dating. Jake is a fan of Taco Bell’s Rolled Chicken Tacos. They’re out and about, when they run into Mark, Jen’s meathead-looking ex. The introduction between Jake and Mark couldn’t be more uncomfortable. Mark calls Jake “chief” (ugh), and goes in for a handshake. But Jake’s too busy enjoying his Rolled Chicken Tacos, and he’s got no free hands. So Jake does what seems logical, and chest bumps the much taller Mark. Wow. Mark is played by Brett Davis, and Jen is played by Alexandra Siegel. Jen’s got a new guy since last year, but she apparently has a thing for awkward men who love Rolled Chicken Tacos. Anyone know who plays Jake?

State Farm Might Cause Interesting Purchases And Marital Discord

This commercial is one of the few where you’ll hear the word “ergo”, so it deserves to be mentioned for that singular reason. That guy really looks like the type who’d buy a falcon, doesn’t he? It’s also funny watching all the other people walking down the street with their new items. My favorites are the “shoulda/coulda got a falcon” guys, the Model T-esque mini car guy, and the giant gumball machine guy. Come to think of it, everybody with new swag looks to be male. I’m sure that will cause NOW to butt in somehow.

Haha, you think the guy is having an affair. But he isn’t! He’s talking to his State Farm agent at 3 AM! The wife thinks she sounds hideous because he’s a guy! If I was the wife, after I figure out he’s not sleeping with another woman OR a man, I’d be worried about why he’s calling State Farm at 3 AM. Money problems, much? And a graveyard shift State Farm agent sounds like the most depressing job ever.

All and all though, two strong spots from State Farm. I laughed.

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