Audi Picks Up A Hitchhiker In This Spot From Bulgaria

Here’s an interesting Audi ad, all the way from Bulgaria. We see a man traipsing through a wilds of Central Balkan National Park. He takes selfies, crosses streams, camps, and in general looks to be having a grand time. But then he gets caught in a winter storm. His cell phone dies, and suddenly everything is not coming up Milhouse. After a freezing night, he accidentally smashes his thumb trying to build a fire. His thumb looks like gangrene might be setting in…uh-oh. He’s lifting his thumb up, and then seemingly out of nowhere, an Audi appears. Turns out that the Audi driver thinks the poor guy is a hitchhiker, just like the other unfortunate adventurers in the backseat. Because with Audi quattro, all conditions are perfect conditions. It’s a witty and memorable commercial, created by Saatchi Bulgaria.


Audi Depicts The Gloomy Future With Self-Driving Cars

Self-driving cars have long been the stuff of science fiction, but they’re real now. And perhaps in the not-too-distant future, they’ll take over as a predominant mode of transportation. It sounds great…no more stressful dealings with traffic or obnoxious drivers. Imagine what we’ll be able to do with all that extra time. But is it all such a good thing? In its great new ad created by Venables Bell & Partners (they’re on a roll with Audi), we see a wealthy man named David living in a futuristic city. He leaves his downtown office, and hops into his self-driving car, Clara. Clara then asks what’s on his mind. David then reflects on the romance of driving. “Driving wasn’t just about being taken from place to place,” he says, “but going somewhere…feeling something along the way.” David has a great life, but soon realizes that he’s too relaxed. And then the rebellion comes. It’s a fantastic and thought-provoking spot for the Audi R8 Spyder.

The Audi RS 5 Coupe Brings Back A Dying Man

In Audi’s new ad “Final Breath” for its RS 5 Coupe, we see an old man on his deathbed surrounded by family, and recounting his memorable life. It seems that he could have been buddies with Dos Equis’ Most Interesting Man in the World. “I’ve squeezed every drop of juice out of this life, and I’m ready for the next one,” he says. But then as he flatlines, an Audi RS 5 Coupe rolls up outside, and maybe he just needs a little more time. It’s a great spot from Venables Bell & Partners.

This Sad T-Rex Appreciates Audi’s Piloted Driving

If you’re a T-Rex, having a normal life around humans would be difficult. For the T-Rex in Audi’s new spot from Germany, the struggle is real. He and all of his dinosaur brethren terrify people, and are banned from public transport. Then, his tiny arms cause him to fail at making his bed, and he becomes a viral laughingstock. He becomes depressed, and even participating in sports doesn’t work out. Poor guy. But then he discovers Audi’s Piloted Driving. No longer are his short arms an impediment…this T-Rex is back. It’s a bizarre ad, but great writing and a lovable concept make this one a winner. Well done.

Audi’s Summer Camp Spot Has Such Swagger

Cool commercial. That young guy sure looked impressive. I bet he’s really looking forward to next summer, and the shenanigans that will undoubtedly ensue. Snarky YouTube comments have said that it looked like he gave her weed too, but I think it’s just grass (the real thing).

Audi’s Funny Prom Night Story

I’ve already mentioned that I’m not a fan of Super Bowl commercials being released early, but that’s just the way it is now. I can’t believe I missed this Audi ad that will premiere during the game. If you ask adults about high school, many will react with bitterness and/or resentment. So this funny story of the dateless wonder who gets the confidence to make out with the prom queen only to be punched out by the prom king will undoubtedly resonate. I like his black-eyed grin and that primal yell at the end is simply great. And Audi’s tagline of “Bravery. It’s what defines us” is pretty brilliant. Look for this to be one of the most popular Super Bowl commercials.

audi prom

The 2012 Joshys: Part II

The WTF? Award: The commercials that I watched numerous times to figure out what just happened.

Winner: Brad Pitt and Chanel No. 5

Ridiculous and pretentious. Brad Pitt’s wistful acting is decidedly not Oscar-worthy. And primed for parodies.

Honorable mentions: Henry and Aaron’s Central Institute of Technology: This Aussie video is WTF? worthy for an entirely different reason. It’s just awesome and totally unexpected. Probably a great recruiting tool for kids who would want to go to tech school.

Oxy’s Exploding Pimples: Yeah, it’s disgusting. And yeah, these are probably cysts which are more serious and should get medical attention. But the juvenile side of my personality is quite amused.

The “Aww” Award: Simply put, commercials that will make you say “aww.” A decent amount of overlap with The Field of Dreams Award.

Winner: Google Chrome’s “Jess Time”

Google can really pull at the heartstrings. Here, a father and daughter help each other adjust to life’s changes. Sweet, genuine, and just nice.

Honorable mentions: Subaru’s Rainbow and 200,000 Miles: Both ads from Subaru’s “Love” campaign, which seems like it could be a constant contender in this category. The rainbow commercial (titled “Looking for Gold”) captures a father and young daughter in a whimsical and adorable moment. “200,000 Miles” is also cute, but has a deeper meaning about random events and how they can change our lives.

Nike Free “I Would Run To You”: This one had some mixed reviews, as many thought it relied on the formula of an incompetent man (who reminds me of myself) and a super-competent woman. But personally, I find it cute, romantic, and funny. Love will make people do silly and irrational things…maybe even run cross-country. The song is very catchy too.

Purina’s Rain Rescued Cat: If you love cats, you’ll love this one.

The Beautiful Award: Most beautiful visuals in an ad.

Winner: Getty Images “From Love To Bingo”

Sometimes the best stories don’t need any words at all. Love it. From Brazil.

The Explosions in the Sky Award: The most epic of the year. And yeah I know, “epic” is totally overused now. Sorry.

Winner: Audi’s “Ahab”

The first time I saw this commercial, I was like “Well, that was cool, but I feel like I’m missing something.” Then I realized that the whole ad is an homage to Moby Dick (it is called “Ahab” after all). The wide-open vastness of the landscape and lonely narration of the forlorn truck driver makes this one a winner. Manly as hell, too.

Honorable mention: Canadian Paralympics “Unstoppable”: Unstoppable is the right word.

Audi Still Might Have The WASPiest Ad Ever

The holiday season is rapidly approaching (or has already arrived…does it start right after Halloween now?) That means we’ll be seeing many of the same holiday-themed commercials again. Some are certifiable classics, like the Hershey’s Kisses Christmas commercial, or Campbell’s snowman/little boy ad. Others are just around because it’s presumably cheaper than making a new one. This Audi commercial which premiered last year falls into the latter category.

It’s not that bad, but just so WASPy. Is it the WASPiest ad ever? I wrote about it last year and this is what I had to say: “So we got a beautiful home in the snowy suburbs. Christmas decorations. A son named Trevor with an Audi. Well-dressed parents and the mother is wearing pearls. Might just be.”

The Audi That Just Can’t Be Towed

This is a great commercial. The cinematography is exceptional, copy is well-written, acting is solid, and I love the folksy music playing. Some more info from a helpful YouTube comment: it was shot over 2 days in Willow, Alaska and the frustrated tow truck driver is played by Dave Florek, who was also the crusty Coach Smiley on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (!!!) The ad is called “Ahab” and it’s an allusion to Herman Melville’s classic Moby Dick. I’ll be honest…the first few times I saw it, I didn’t even realize the Moby Dick connection. I’ve heard Moby Dick is actually very boring. I’m thinking the literary connection will be lost on a lot of people. It seems like Audi is trying to market to fans of programs like Ice Road Truckers and Deadliest Catch. I find this a little odd since Audi has a very strong reputation as a yuppy brand, and these types of shows attract a decidedly non-yuppy audience. But Audi can try. Regardless, it’s an excellent Audi quattro advertisement, and one we might be seeing at the Clio Awards.

“Ahab” is the centerpiece of a larger campaign. Here’s some of the shorter spots.

Audi Might Have The WASPiest Ad Ever

So we got a beautiful home in the snowy suburbs. Christmas decorations. A son named Trevor with an Audi. Well-dressed parents and the mother’s wearing pearls. Might just be.

Though this Acura commercial with Gordon Ramsay gives Audi a run for its money.

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