Geico Shows A Marriage Proposal Interrupted By A Butt Dial

Butt dials…they happen occasionally. It seems like they’re much rarer now that most people have smartphones as opposed to phones with keys, but they still occur. Now what would be the worst situation for a butt dial to interfere? A marriage proposal would be high on the list, as happens in the newest of Geico’s “It’s What You Do” campaign, created by The Martin Agency. And as we see, not only does Todd interrupt a proposal with his butt dial, but he also has his own seemingly ill-advised proposal up his sleeve. At a baseball game, of course. Nicholas Daly Clark plays Sarah’s proposing beau, and Jozef Fahey is Todd the Butt Dialer. Stevie Nelson plays Sarah, and Lyndsey Doolen is Todd’s the Butt Dialer’s new fiancee.


Subway: Todd Gave His Sub To Sally And Samantha Is Pissed

This Subway commercial came out a year ago and I wrote about it then, but I noticed it getting views today. Apparently it’s playing again. It’s still equally endearing and annoying. Samantha is played by Melinda Sward, Sally is played by Jocelin Donahue, and if anyone knows the Todd actor, let me know. Subway also made a love advice video with Todd. And for good measure, here’s the original Samantha and Todd commercial. Perhaps there’ll be another on the way.

Eating Subway In An Attractive, But Childish Office

Todd and Samantha are back for another Subway commercial. And this time, Todd gave his sub to Sally. Whoa. Things are bout to get interesting. I’d work in that office…Samantha (played by Melinda Sward) and Sally (played by Ewa De Cruz) are really hot. Though I hope their voices are only that childish when it involves Subway. It’s cheeky, but amusing.

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