Drink Some Folgers Coffee After Accidentally Walking In On Your Father-In-Law In The Shower

The Folgers Christmas/holiday commercial that evokes memories for me and so many others is the one where Peter comes home. Folgers has done just a slight pivot away from that heartwarming/cheesy sentiment in this new spot, and goes for humor instead. You have to be more careful when you think you’re surprising your husband in the shower. It might be your father-in-law Steve. The worst part is that you just just started calling him Dad…eek. But you can all hash out the awkwardness with a nice cup of Folgers. The best part of waking up, right? It’s amusing and a fun song to boot.


Coors Light Is The Official Beer Of Drinking In The Shower And Being Done Wearing A Bra

A shower beer can be delightful, especially after a long, hot day. And I’m told that taking a bra off at the end of the day is just fantastic. So Coors Light wants to be the official beer of both showers and bra removal. Well then. Memorable. I also got a good chuckle from the tiny “do not attempt” with the shower beer. The song from the shower spot is “A Mi Manera” by Gipsy Kings, while the song from the bra ad is “Pressure Drop” by Toots and the Maytals. If I find out the identities of the man and woman in these commercials, I’ll add that info.

Delta Faucet Might Cause You To Dance In The Shower

Here’s an interesting one from Delta Faucet. This man arrives in the shower quite groggy, but once he turns it on, he livens up. Then dancing magic happens, and what a show he puts on. Anyone know who’s the man with all the moves? The song playing is “I Feel Good” by Cook Classics ft. Mike Taylor. So what do you think? The Internet can be a pretty prude place…do you think this ad is fun or is it offensive?

Axe Shower Thoughts, Featuring Muggsy Bogues

If you’re like a lot of men, you think clearly and come up with revelations in the shower. It’s a relaxing environment for sure. Taking a long shower could mean you’re thinking or relaxing. It might be cold outside and you could want to maximize your time standing under a stream of hot water. Or perhaps a long shower could be for an entirely different form of pleasurable relaxation (very NFSW link). In any case, Axe taps into the power of shower thinking in a new campaign, aptly named “Shower Thoughts.” A man comes up with an epiphany: “When you’re criticized for being short, they’re really just saying the worst thing about you is that there isn’t more of you.” Deep stuff. As a short guy, I approve. That leads to a daydream with Muggsy Bogues, famous to ’90s kids as being the shortest player in NBA history. Muggsy proceeds to school much taller men in a pickup game. So don’t let those shower thoughts go down the drain!

DirecTV’s Naked Shower Commercial

Funny spot, but very racy. I wonder how long this will be on the air. The guy’s annoyed brushing won’t get his teeth very clean. Also, I find it odd that this commercial is for Genie, DirecTV’s whole home DVR, but Genie is never mentioned by name.

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