This UConn Huskies Fan Loves Buffalo Wild Wings

I love the NCAA Tournament too, but staying at Buffalo Wild Wings for that long sounds a little excessive. I think I’d get constipated. Or possibly the other thing. The art school crowd seems to be outraged, though it’s true, art schools don’t generally have Division I sports. But yeah, she probably shouldn’t be abandoning her kids like that. The mom is played by Erica Piccininni. I’m personally a bigger fan of B-Dub’s other commercial with a Kentucky fan excitedly phoning his wife about his new friends. The line about not hanging out with the Wisconsin guy “because of last year” is a smart touch. In that one, the husband is Tom Larochelle, while the wife is played by Sigrid Owen.

The Most Interesting Man In The World Says Goodbye, Heads To Mars

Jonathan Goldsmith, better known to most as “The Most Interesting Man in the World”, is retiring. The long-running campaign for Dos Equis has been extremely popular, and sales of the brand are up about 35% since “The Man” started appearing in commercials in 2007. A well-loved campaign that actually results in a sales bump is the dream of every advertiser. There will apparently be a new “Most Interesting Man in the World”, but will he really be as interesting? The last spot will only air on TV once, during tomorrow’s Cavaliers-Lakers game, which will also be the last matchup between LeBron James and the retiring Kobe Bryant. So farewell, you interesting, interesting man. Enjoy your one-way mission to Mars. We’ll hold onto the memories.

McDonald’s Has A McCafe Commercial From Taiwan Where A Young Man Comes Out To His Father

I’ve been writing about a bunch of McDonald’s ads lately, since they’ve been doing notable work. In this one from Taiwan, a young man writes “I like guys” on a McCafe cup and shows it to his dad. The young man is so scared that he can’t even say the words. His father looks upset and walks away, but then he comes back and adds a message of acceptance. Not surprisingly, the ad has stirred up controversy. I just think it’s sweet and has a nice message.

Oprah Says “I LOVE BREAD” In This Weight Watchers Ad

I guess Oprah is a natural spokeswoman for Weight Watchers, given her well-documented struggles with keeping off the pounds. And Weight Watchers better hope that Oprah’s endorsement helps, since their stock has been quite volatile (ironically like the yo-yo effect). Anyway, Oprah talks about her love of bread with her trademark enthusiasm. It’s pretty annoying. I eat a sandwich almost day, so I bet I love bread more than Oprah.

Geico: Tarzan And Jane Fight Over Directions

I guess I’m a little behind on this one since it’s almost a month old. You could write a pretty good blog just about Geico ads. This probably isn’t my favorite from this very amusing campaign, but it’s still quite cute and funny. Relatable too, since real couples do fight over directions. Tarzan and Jane have great chemistry here, and the chimp shaking his head “no” is a nice touch. Tarzan is played by Jeff Torres, and Jane is Jessica Makinson.

Vote The Josh In McDonald’s Texas’ New Contest

McDonald’s has a random ad in Texas that I just came across. It’s a nice idea…you can create your own burger at, and if your entry wins, you’ll get $5,000 plus your burger will be sold at McDonald’s restaurants in Texas. But as someone named Josh, I feel compelled to disagree with this ad’s argument. The Josh is a great name for a burger, and you should vote for it. Sure, it might not look as good as some of the other ones on the commercial, but it’s named The Josh. So it should win. Case closed.

This Commercial Sucks: Have Spring Break At Colonial Williamsburg and Busch Gardens

I went to Colonial Williamsburg with my parents as a teenager. I’m a big history buff, so I really enjoyed it. But this commercial is just cringeworthy. Not good at all.

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