Sherwin-Williams Takes Us On A Stunning Safari

Paint isn’t a super exciting consumer category, but its colorful nature means that it can have some visually impressive advertising. I’ll always remember Valspar’s commercials from the mid-late 2000s, for example. Now, Sherwin-Williams has a new spot from McKinney that’s simply stunning. We go on a safari featuring a mandrill, flamingos, zebras, giraffes, meerkats, leopards, and elephants. What makes it so special though, is that the animals were created out of Sherwin-Williams paint chips. According to Adweek, it took almost 30,000 paint chips, along with 24 production artists working a total of 5,600 hours to create this 30-second spot. Very nice music too. Methinks we’ll be seeing this one on a lot of “Best Of” lists at the end of the year.



Tuesday Throwback: Valspar Paint’s Beautiful Commercials

A few days ago, Sherwin-Williams bought its smaller rival Valspar. The news reminded of these Valspar commercials, which I loved. I remember them being on from around 2006-09. They’re incredibly beautiful, with the colors of Valspar paint being compared to the colors of nature. I really like the relaxing, slightly mysterious, new-agey music of these spots. Unfortunately, the music, created by Jonathan Elias, was made specifically for the commercials, so no downloading. A few of the ads can’t be embedded, so you’ll have to watch them on YouTube.


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