Get The Office Kleptos Meal At McDonald’s!

McDonald’s is revamping its Dollar Menu once again with the “$1 $2 $3 Menu.” In this new campaign, men in unfortunate circumstances come to McDonald’s to put together a cheap meal. There’s the “my office is full of kleptos meal”, purchased by Paul, who’s had his work lunch pilfered. The “we haven’t been to the grocery store in weeks meal” is bought by a man who passes out after sniffing his long-expired milk (his roommate has done the same). And the “save the tailgate meal” for football fans who lost their grill after making a sudden turn. So even when life goes wrong, you can sadly eat McDonald’s. Yeah!


McDonald’s McCafe Beverages Will Cause You To Become A Negligent, Irresponsible Person

For some, nothing comes before coffee. McDonald’s takes that to an extreme in this campaign for its McCafe line of coffee beverages. We see a personal trainer who almost kills his client that he’s supposed to be spotting. There’s the mom who’s too busy drinking her McCafe to intervene in her kids’ playground argument. And the football announcer who’s so into his coffee that he just stops while calling a big play.




Mindy Kaling Says Coca-Cola Tastes So Good At A Certain Place

According to some, there’s a place where Coca-Cola tastes so good. Go ahead and Google it. Yes, that place is McDonald’s. Here’s a lil’ article about why it tastes so good at McDonald’s.

McDonald’s Tells The Tale Of A Girl Who’s Always Stuck In The Middle Seat

Sitting in the middle seat of a car is terrible. That’s the situation this girl in a McDonald’s commercial, created by DDB New Zealand, always finds herself in. She’s most often wedged between her two rowdy older brothers, but also in between her grandparents, plants/soil, and the dog and a lamp. There is old advantage though…she’s got easy access to the McDonald’s bag in the middle console, and she deftly swipes a fry. The song playing, appropriately enough, is “Stuck in the Middle with You” by Stealers Wheel.

These Canadian Guys Debate The Big Mac Bacon

McDonald’s Canada has just introduced the Big Mac Bacon. Bacon seems like such a no-brainer addition that it seems weird that it hasn’t been on the Big Mac before. Maybe one of the reason is that it’s such a classic that’s stayed relatively unchanged since its creation. So is the Big Mac Bacon even a Big Mac? These two guys have an amusing debate at a McDonald’s about whether it is or isn’t. McDonald’s is extending the campaign with some print ads and the hashtags #NotABigMac and #StillABigMac. I say that it’s still a Big Mac.

McDonald’s Advertises Chicken McNuggets “Time After Time”

Pretty nice spot from McDonald’s. We see a young boy and young girl in side-by-side frames. The boy’s frame looks retro, while the girl’s looks like the present day. He’s playing basketball, and then passes the ball to her. He’s playing an old video game, and then a modern controller comes to her. The boy’s got a bike, and now she’s got a new one. The boy is playing with a stuffed dog, and when he gives it to her, it’s a real Corgi puppy. At McDonald’s the young boy enjoys Chicken McNuggets, and then (not too surprisingly), we see that he’s actually her father. He’s sharing his childhood experiences with her. Aww. We can debate about the nutritional value of McDonald’s, and about whether the new Chicken McNuggets are actually better for you, but it’s still cute. “Time After Time” is a song that always manages to sound beautiful. The cover is by Iron & Wine, AKA Sam Beam.

McDonald’s Has A McCafe Commercial From Taiwan Where A Young Man Comes Out To His Father

I’ve been writing about a bunch of McDonald’s ads lately, since they’ve been doing notable work. In this one from Taiwan, a young man writes “I like guys” on a McCafe cup and shows it to his dad. The young man is so scared that he can’t even say the words. His father looks upset and walks away, but then he comes back and adds a message of acceptance. Not surprisingly, the ad has stirred up controversy. I just think it’s sweet and has a nice message.

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