KFC’s Donuts And Fried Chicken Commercial

YouTube comment: “I swear, we’ve reached peak American stereotype right here.”

Yet, I don’t really care how unhealthy or stereotypically American KFC’s donuts and fried chicken is. It looks amazing. But is it? Well yes, but with some drawbacks. By the way, the song the Colonel sings is one that you’ve undoubtedly heard in pop culture. It’s a parody of “Flower Duet” from Leo Delibes’ opera Lakme.


KFC’s Suggestive Zinger Popcorn Box Ad From Australia

The young festival-going lady in this Australian KFC commercial is adjusting her breasts in the reflection of a car window that she thinks is empty. Except it isn’t, and a disapproving mom glares at her. The soccer jersey-clad boys in the car don’t seem to disapprove though. And we get to hear a snippet of Icona Pop and Charli XCX’s insanely catchy “I Don’t Care.” Did someone say KFC? That looks really good. Perhaps not surprisingly, this one has attracted criticism, which actually lead to an apology from KFC.


Colonel Chester Cheetah Stars In This Entertaining Commercial For KFC’s Cheetos Sandwich

Are you tired of boring food? Do you want something with co-branded flavor? If so, the KFC Cheetos Sandwich might be for you? Colonel Chester Cheetah rolls up on these teenagers at the skate park, and absolutely rocks their world. That’s right, it’s a KFC chicken sandwich with Cheetos sauce and also actual Cheetos on it. It’s like two logos in every bite! I’m a fan of the campiness of this spot, and the teens remind me of those SunnyD kids from the ’90s. And according to GrubGrade, the Cheetos Sandwich is actually quite tasty.


KFC: The New Colonel Sanders Is…RoboCop

In the last number of years, KFC has had so many actors playing Colonel Sanders in its commercials that its not even worth mentioning. But here’s a notable new Colonel: RoboCop. If he told someone the secret recipe, he’d have to kill them. It’s just a ha ha ha funny joke though…right? According to this longer video, set up as a faux-news story, the Secret Recipe was transferred by RoboCop to the Bahnhof Underground Data Center in Stockholm, Sweden (once home to WikiLeaks). There it lies in a nuclear bomb shelter 100 feet under a Stockholm mountain, built to survive armageddon. Very safe!

Have The Time Of Your Life With KFC’s New Chicken & Waffles

Chicken and waffles…delicious. KFC has finally got on the chicken and waffles train with a new limited-time offering. And to promote it, they’re going a bit retro. The Colonel (played by Craig Fleming) and Mrs. Butterworth reenact the classic Dirty Dancing scene set to “(I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life.” That iconic dance scene has become advertising gold in the last few years.  In another spot, KFC gives its Chicken & Waffles the Celine Dion treatment. Haha.





KFC South Africa Features A Wildly Flopping Soccer Player

Here’s an amusing KFC ad, created by Ogilvy South Africa. A footballer named Herbz (as in herbs and spices) is playing at Cape Town’s Athlone Stadium when he gets tripped up. It’s pretty obviously a flop, but he persists in dramatically rolling about. And then it gets crazy. He ends up rolling out of the stadium and takes a rolling odyssey all around the sprawling city. People are following him and taking pictures. Herbz finally stops rolling when he reaches a KFC, which was his plan all along. And in a final clever touch, Herbz wears number 11. Here’s more from Adweek.


KFC: Why Not Get Married On Your Lunch Break?

So if you went out on your lunch and sat down next to a woman who was eating the same KFC meal and reading the same book as you, you’d be intrigued, right? In this KFC ad from the UK, created by BBH London, a young couple meets and gets to know each other, culminating in a whirlwind wedding. And all before lunch is over, which fits the premise of “do more with your lunch.” The song is “Where I Fell In Love” by The Capris.

KFC Sides Are Worth Fighting Over

Some of us are very passionate about side dishes. And when others around us want something else, it can cause major conflicts…even family fights. So I find this commercial funny and only slightly over-the-top. Fortunately, KFC has an offer where you can get 2 additional large sides with the purchase of any 10 piece meal or larger. I have to side (pun somewhat intended) with the kid on this one. Mac & cheese is great, and while I love GOOD mashed potatoes, I’m not crazy about the mediocre instant type that KFC has.

KFC Does Hyperbole

I’m not arguing the potential tastiness of KFC’s Famous Bowls, especially while intoxicated. And bacon DOES make everything better. But is the KFC Famous Bowl “the world’s best tasting full meal”? No, KFC, no. That’s just some Kentucky fried hyperbole there.

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