LG: Aubrey Plaza Asks “What’s It Gonna Take?”

The lovely and sardonic Aubrey Plaza stars in this ad for LG’s goofily named G7 Thinq. Ryan (played by a real-life Ryan, Ryan Radis) is complaining that his phone is too slow, and that’s when Aubrey Plaza appears at the window with the new LG G7 Thinq. Ryan is still resistant to switch but then Aubrey busting through the wall and taking a selfie with him seals the deal. In a longer version, people push (some would say harass) Ryan about switching to the LG G7 Thinq, even calling him “Dongle Boy.” Oof.


LG Does A Men’s Room Stage Fright Experiment

Stage fright. It can happen on stage and it can happen in the bathroom. I think it’s especially common in old-style men’s rooms that don’t have barriers between each urinal. Sometimes if it feels like you’re being looked at, going becomes a challenge. So LG decided to do an experiment for its “So Real It’s Scary” video campaign. Very attractive women appear on lifelike LG IPS screens to see if men have delayed pissing reactions. It’s a similar idea to LG’s popular elevator prank that debuted in October. This was filmed in Amsterdam, by the way. Quite entertaining.

LG: A Smart Thief, A Supermodel, And A Vacuum Cleaner

LG has a few clever new commercials. Without giving away too much, the first involves a smart thief caught on camera. The second involves a supermodel and a vacuum cleaner (didn’t know LG made vacuums). Both have become viral hits in the last few weeks. While the thief spot is gaining rave reviews, the supermodel/vacuum commercial is much more polarizing. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it pulled…you’ll find out why after watching it. The thief commercial was made by Y&R Amsterdam, while the supermodel/vacuum was the work of Y&R Sydney.

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