What If Men Got Periods? Thinx Pictures It

In its first TV ad, aptly called “MENstruation”, Thinx imagines what would happen if males got periods. We open with a boy who emerges from the bathroom and awkwardly tells his dad that he thinks he got his period. A man rolls over in his bed and we see a blood spot. Another guy checks to make sure his white pants are still white, and pads fall out of an adolescent boy’s locker. Various other menstruation related scenes occur, before we finally end with a couple who’s getting hot and heavy. He briefly stops and tell her “I’m on my period”, before she smiles and says “me too.” The ad closes with the thought-provoking “If we all had them, maybe we’d be more comfortable with them.” It’s certainly an interesting an memorable spot, created by BBDO New York. Here’s more about it from Adweek.

Snickers Helps Out An Indecisive Cheerleader And An Irritable Grandma

This cheerleader is cheering on the Lions. Or Bears. She’s indecisive…maybe a Salty & Sweet Snickers is what she needs. Anyone know who plays the cheerleader? And an irritable grandma (played by Helen Slayton-Hughes) who got her grandson Joey’s letter but is asking what the hell it is might just benefit from an Espresso Snickers. In a longer spot, Snickers offers a tongue-in-cheek apology for calling readers “jerks” in a print ad. Haha. Nice work from BBDO New York.

The Macy’s Lighthouse Christmas Commercial

Well, the holiday season is rapidly approaching…or it’s already been on for a few weeks if you work retail. Anyway, that means a large new set of emotional commercials. So let’s start. Macy’s tells the story of a touching gesture from a young boy who lives with his family on the mainland to a grieving young girl who lives with her father in a lighthouse. Aww. The song is a cover of “Everlasting Light” by The Black Keys, performed by Sarah Rayne. Excellent spot from BBDO New York. Here’s more about it from Ad Age.

Fly High, Enjoy A Movie, And Drink Some Grey Goose

In a lot of ways, “La Pursuit” is symbolic of Grey Goose itself. It’s wildly expensive and quite pretentious, but also stylish, cool, and visually engaging. The short film/ad created by BBDO New York tells the story of a group of friends who start following a goose in a few cars. But it’s not a wild goose chase…they find their way onto a dirigible and classy hijinks ensue. Watching a film projected against a cloud is a particularly striking visual. Adweek has a glowing review, but Copyranter has a scathing one. So what do you think?

Owen Just Got A Job At GE, Awkwardness Ensues

If someone mentions GE, it’s a pretty good bet that you’ll think of manufacturing. I associate GE with light bulbs, since Thomas Edison was one of the founders. GE Aviation is headquartered a few miles away from where I grew up, so that comes to mind too. But ol’ General Electric wants you to know that it’s a digital company as well as an industrial company. To demonstrate this point, its new campaign introduces Owen, a charmingly befuddled recent college grad who just got hired by GE as a programmer. But since everyone has preconceived notions about the company, awkwardness ensues. It’s nice work by BBDO New York that will especially resonate with anyone who has been in the uncomfortable situation of having to explain a job to peers and parents. By the way, Owen is played by Gianmarco Soresi.

Pedigree: Do Dogs Make Us Better People?

I’m more of a cat person, but meeting a friendly dog is one of those experiences that can make your day. Can meeting a dog change the way people perceive the world though? That’s what this Pedigree commercial from BBDO New York is looking at, in particular with regard to race. It features an older, grumpy-looking white man walking with his mastiff through a black neighborhood. He looks pretty careful to avoid eye contact, but then as a young black man walking a pit bull approaches, the dogs greet each other. This causes both owners to introduce their dogs and have a friendly moment. Of course, Pedigree won’t solve the complex problem of racism, but maybe dogs can create nice scenes like this to unfold more often.

Bonus video: Here’s another spot from the “Feed the Good” campaign, this time from Australia. A fight takes a backseat when a dog’s life is at risk.

Foot Locker: Mike Tyson Returns Evander Holyfield’s Bitten-Off Ear

This great commercial created by BBDO New York starts with Kyrie Irving and his buddies being excited for the Week of Greatness at Foot Locker. Kyrie notes that it “feels like all is right with the world.” And thus starts his hilarously wistful daydream. Mike Tyson arrives at Evander Holyfield’s mansion and returns his ear, which he kept in formaldehyde (side note: part of Evander’s ear is actually at a great restaurant in my hometown of Cincinnati). Dennis Rodman buys a one-way ticket to North Korea. Craig Sager decides to burn his infamous suits. And Brett Favre knows when to quit…eating pie. Fantastic.

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