The Volkswagen Tiguan Meteor Commercial

In a case of bad timing, this Volkswagen Tiguan spot debuted on January 13, the same day that a false missile alert shook Hawaii. Although a meteor is an external event coming from outer space, while missiles/nuclear warfare aren’t, the sense of panic considering current events probably explains some of the negative feedback this ad has been getting. I don’t really have a problem with it…the question of “what would you take in an emergency?” is one that comes up on occasion, and this commercial does a somewhat amusing job of demonstrating just how much can fit in a Volkswagen Tiguan. Regardless, I bet the meteor kills them. Allegra Masters is the wife…anyone know who plays the husband?


This Grandma And Her Family Take A Road Trip Across America In A Volkswagen Atlas

Volkswagen introduced its biggest SUV, the Atlas, in late March with a humorous tale of the birds and bees that was widely publicized and got mixed reviews. Now, VW is going for a more emotional angle in its new Atlas campaign. The commercial starts with a letter from a dying grandfather to his family. He and his wife hail from Ireland, and he wants his family to take a trip to see America. And that’s just what they do…alongside the pleasant sounds of Simon & Garfunkel’s “America”, the family takes a cross-country trip in their Atlas. We see the country’s breathtaking landscapes, and the grandkids learn more about how they met. The road trip culminates in the clan spreading his ashes at sunset along the rocky Pacific coastline. Aww. There are also a series of shorter spots showing the family’s journey (while of course tying them in with features of the car). By the way, the grandmother is played by seventy-eight-year old Marie Gallagher.

Get Down In A Volkswagen…And You’ll Get Bigger Cars And A Bigger Family

This Volkswagen spot entitled “Luv Bug” is an entertaining one. A couple “rocks” their Beetle at a romantic overlook and then gets a Jetta with their new baby in tow. After steaming up their Jetta under the steely stare of an hooting owl, their family has gotten bigger, and now it’s time for an SUV. That SUV sees some action, and the ever-expanding family needs the new 7-seater Atlas. The next time we see their car rocking, it’s just the happy clan engaging in some G-rated shenanigans. The song playing throughout the commercial is Dean Martin’s “The Birds and the Bees.”

Volkswagen’s Super Bowl Teaser Should Make People Get Happy

In the last few years, Super Bowl teasers have started popping up in the days and weeks before the big game. It’s something of a polarizing topic…I’m not a big fan and neither is Jalopnik. There’s something cool about waiting for the commercials and not knowing what’s to come. Though it is important to note that many of the teasers are just that, and are mere hints of the ad. Volkswagen is always one of the big Super Bowl players, and here’s a teaser of theirs.

I like it. It creates an amusing mood by juxtaposing YouTube’s saddest/most pissed-off with a ridiculously catchy song by Jimmy Cliff. And yes, they all get happy in a hippie-ish, “I’d Like to Teach the World to Song” scene.

This Volkswagen Passat Owner Throws Like A Girl…His Son Too

I totally see what Volkswagen is trying to do here, and so I’m sure it will be effective and funny for many people. But for me, the takeaway is that this Passat owner (and therefore ALL Passat owners) throw like girls.

Volkswagen’s “The Dog Strikes Back”

Another Super Bowl car commercial that’s been released early. This is an extended version of what Volkswagen teased.

It’s decent, but honestly I’m a little underwhelmed. The dog is cute and all, but it just doesn’t have the same impact of last year’s commercial. When you strike gold once, it’s hard to hit it again. What do you think? And yes, I know that by asking a direct question, I’m opening the door to nobody answering. But I’d really like opinions.

Super Bowl Preview: Volkswagen’s “The Bark Side”

The Super Bowl is only 2 weeks away. I’m going to be profiling some popular commercials of Super Bowls past. But first, a look ahead. Volkswagen hit it big with last year’s “The Force”, which has become the most shared Super Bowl spot of all time. It combined two things people love: cute kids and Star Wars. Now, Volkswagen has a teaser for this year’s commercial. It combines more things people love: dogs and Star Wars. Here it is.

2/2 update: Here’s the extended version of the gameday commercial.

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