That Douwe Egberts Coffee Commercial From Belgium

Here’s a Douwe Egberts coffee ad that’s become quite popular (I can’t stand the term “viral”) on Twitter. We see a teenage girl having a makeout session with someone in a hoodie. Then her dad comes home, and she frantically runs up to her room with the hooded individual. Dad coaxes her down with a text offer of coffee, and she appears with another girl. He just sees them, smiles, and they sit down and enjoy some coffee. And as a bonus, Dad returns his daughter’s glasses that got discarded on the couch during the makeout sesh. Aww. It’s such a sweet spot. And if you’re wondering, the pretty song was made specifically for the ad and isn’t available commercially. Sorry.

Volkswagen Encourages U.S. Soccer Fans To Root For Brazil (Or Iceland, Belgium, Switzerland, Or Germany)

For the first time since 1986, the United States didn’t qualify for the World Cup. It was embarrassing, but there will still be Americans watching, and they’ll need a team to root for. So Volkswagen has a new World Cup-centered campaign, cleverly called “Jump On The Wagen”, where fans of different countries’ teams pitch the US for support. Brazil has the most trophies, Iceland doesn’t have enough people to do the wave, Belgium hosts the world’s biggest EDM festival, Switzerland brought us Swiss Army knives, and Germany brought the frankfurter. Compelling reasons, all. The attractive Icelandic fan is played by Sarah Skogland…anyone know who the Brazilian fan is?


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