Snickers Helps Out An Indecisive Cheerleader And An Irritable Grandma

This cheerleader is cheering on the Lions. Or Bears. She’s indecisive…maybe a Salty & Sweet Snickers is what she needs. Anyone know who plays the cheerleader? And an irritable grandma (played by Helen Slayton-Hughes) who got her grandson Joey’s letter but is asking what the hell it is might just benefit from an Espresso Snickers. In a longer spot, Snickers offers a tongue-in-cheek apology for calling readers “jerks” in a print ad. Haha. Nice work from BBDO New York.

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5 Responses to Snickers Helps Out An Indecisive Cheerleader And An Irritable Grandma

  1. Tracy Philip says:

    The commercial with the old lady saying what the hell .why swearing in a commercial we have swearing in movies,reality shows and now your commercial REALLY!! It’s not even funny on top of that your not really selling the product it was vary stupid GOOD JOB!

  2. Becky says:

    Hate hate hate your new commercial!! What an example for kids whom you KNOW are going to see it and emulate it!! How stupid!! “If Grandma can say it why shouldn’t I say it?”
    RIGHT??? WRONG!!! Take it off the air—NOW!!

  3. Opal Phelps says:

    This is hands down the BEST commerical airing!!! I love the cheerleader and the grumpy grandma cracks me up!!! We need more!! BTW I REALLY want that cheerleader uniform!! PLEASE!!

  4. Kevin Wilson says:

    Used to be my favorite candy bar, now I just get disgusted looking at them; if I cursed at my grandmother she would have smacked me and then got the soap. Thanks for a sad, rude commercial.

  5. I LOVE the grandma commercial!! This grandma took her lines right smack outta my mom’s playbook!! And worrying about kids copying her?? puhhhleeeze! if “hell” is the word anyone worries about their kids picking up from this commmercial? ya got a whole lot of stuff goin’ right past ya in this world that your kiddos are exposed to DAILY, everywhere. Prob best not to let them listen to our current president on tv if ya worried about them picking up rudeness. Best commercial HANDS DOWN!! My mom is gone and this commercial reminds me sooooo much of her! Make more commercials with this woman!!!
    Thank you!!!!

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