Optimum Business Shows An Ill-Advised Horse Cake

Here’s an amusingly awkward ad for Optimum Business Essentials. Adam ordered a custom cake. The baker proudly brings out the cake, which says “Happy Trails Pardner” and has a horse on it. Unfortunately, the baker didn’t get Adam’s voicemail. It was supposed to be a get well soon cake, as Adam’s friend Lonnie broke his arm, several ribs, and both legs after being thrown from a stallion. Whoops. The baker tries to save face by saying the cake has a lady horse, but that’s not gonna cut it. After getting Optimum Business Essentials, the baker finally hears Adam’s voicemail.

Purina: Sam The Horse Finally Gets Adopted

This is a very sweet holiday commercial from Purina. Sam’s been in a stable for a long time, and wants to go home with a family. The closeup of Sam after the stable owner says “maybe next year” is so sad. But then a girl and her parents come. The girl is entranced by Sam, and he now has a forever home. Who’s cutting onions?


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