KFC’s Suggestive Zinger Popcorn Box Ad From Australia

The young festival-going lady in this Australian KFC commercial is adjusting her breasts in the reflection of a car window that she thinks is empty. Except it isn’t, and a disapproving mom glares at her. The soccer jersey-clad boys in the car don’t seem to disapprove though. And we get to hear a snippet of Icona Pop and Charli XCX’s insanely catchy “I Don’t Care.” Did someone say KFC? That looks really good. Perhaps not surprisingly, this one has attracted criticism, which actually lead to an apology from KFC.


Tuesday Throwback: Jim Beam’s “The Girlfriend”

Jim Beam’s “The Girlfriend” ad is one that I kind of wish had been released when I was writing this blog, because I know it would get a ton of pageviews. It’s also sexist as hell, and a commercial that would never be made today. The “he can do whatever he wants” line is particularly cringeworthy. Despite the weirdly muddled accent of the girlfriend (Is she Latina? Eastern European?), she’s actually Australian. That makes sense though, since this was a commercial originally broadcast in Australia.

Aldi Australia Shows A Woman Drowning In Tuna Cans

Yeah, I know that I kinda gave away this commercial with the title, but whatever. Watching a torrent of tuna cans flood out of the cabinet until this woman is buried waist deep is a simple pleasure. This spot has great sound too. Well done, Aldi and BMF.

Westpac Tells A Mustache-Filled Life Story In This Lovely Ad From Australia

I love this ad for Westpac, created by DDB Sydney. We see the life story of a man, starting from a chance meeting with his future wife. He wrangles in a wayward horse right before his wedding, and he’s a rugby superstar (a team player too). He’s a music teacher, he saves a child from a sandstorm, and he’s a doting father and grandfather. Aside from being a great dude, the one constant in this man’s life is his impressive mustache. But like all of us eventually, he dies. We see his funeral…and everyone in attendance is wearing fake mustaches in his honor.  The spot concludes with the message “If you’ve lost a loved one, we’re here to help.” Who’s cutting onions? The song playing throughout is a nice cover of “I’ll Never Find Another You” originally by The Seekers.

Apple’s iPhone X Ad From Australia Shows The First Dance Of Same-Sex Couples

Back in 2011, I wrote about an Australian marriage equality commercial. Three and a half years later, same-sex marriage became legal in the United States. In December, Australia voted to legalize same-sex marriage. Now, Apple has a touching new ad from Australia for the iPhone X, which shows different couples enjoying their first dances. The song is a cover of INXS’ “Never Tear Us Apart”, performed by Courtney Barnett.

Australia’s Stoner Sloth: Not The Most Effective Anti-Drug Ad

Does it seem like a lot of anti-drug ads are somewhat out of touch with actually keeping young people away from drugs? Does it seem like a lot of them are ridiculous and mockable? Enter the Stoner Sloth from Australia. Experts are not impressed.


Balls Come To The Forefront In This Ridiculously Funny Australian Ad For Bonds

If you’re a man, you know that it can be tough for a testicle. And in this commercial for Bonds underwear created by Melbourne’s Clemenger BBDO, a pair of balls reveal their discomfort and angst. Their lives improve after the addition of Bonds. It’s bizarre, ridiculous, and hilarious.

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