This Skittles Mother’s Day Commercial Will Make You Cringe

Sorry for the clickbait-y title, but here’s one that will definitely make you cringe, if not give you full-on nightmares. Skittles is known for their bizarre advertising, but here’s one that goes above and beyond. We’ve got a creepy looking mother and son, and when Mom eats Skittles, son eats them too, and is able to identify the flavors. How? Well, turns out the umbilical cord is still connected. It’s horrifying, but if memorable is what they were going for, then the spot by DDB Chicago does just that.

State Farm Is Now Here To Help Life Go Right

State Farm is introducing a new campaign, maybe to differentiate itself from the jokey advertising that is common with competitors like Geico and Progressive. The campaign comes with the tagline “Here to Help Life Go Right.” An introductory anthem ad debuted yesterday, and has already racked up more than 2 million views. It’s visually nice and the music that comes in halfway through sounds good, but I just find it to be a bit boring. State Farm and DDB Chicago have done some excellent work though, so I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. Interested to see where this campaign is going.

State Farm’s “Never” Commercial

It’s a pretty cute commercial made by DDB Chicago. The man keeps saying he’ll never do different things…like get married, have kids, move to the suburbs, buy a minivan, and have another kid. Of course, he ends up doing all those things. Finally, he’s with his wife and kids and says “I’ll never let go.” If you’re a cynical type, you might say that he will let go, since he did all the “never” events. That would really put a dark twist on it, although I don’t see the commercial that way. It’s a nice message that life doesn’t always turn out according to plan, because people develop and plans change. I’m not sure who the actor playing the man is, but the wife is Arielle Vandenberg.

Here’s A Skittles Riddle: Why Is This Girl Making Out With A Walrus?

Skittles has a long history of trippy/memorable/crazy commercials. And here’s the newest, created by DDB Chicago. Skittles Riddles are something I would have thought were awesome as a kid. And you see, the girl isn’t really making out with a walrus, she’s making out with a person who’s a walrus on the inside. Or something like that. I dunno. Ridiculous.

State Farm’s Sweet & Sarcastic State Of Nostalgia

Let’s talk about life insurance. An industry that could be called “death insurance” if they were really being honest. An industry where they want everyone to have a long, long life and not necessarily for the most altruistic reasons. Now I’m not bashing life insurance. It’s a great thing to have if you’re married and/or have children so in case you get killed by a bear, hit by a blimp, or more likely die from mundane and natural causes, your loved ones will be taken care of. It can also be tricky to advertise, considering what it actually is. But when insurance companies such as New York Life suggest that a life insurance policy is a swell birthday/anniversary gift, that just strikes me as odd. Maybe it’s because I’m a single 25 year old but I’m imagining a conversation like this:

Me: Babe, happy birthday/anniversary! I took out a life insurance policy on myself! Now I’m not planning on dying soon, but in the occasion that I do…

My hot wife: Josh, get me a REAL present.

I wondered if that was just my perception, but after talking to my married brother, he agreed that the conversation might go like that. And here’s a ghoulish life insurance related tidbit. I once read (don’t remember where, so I’m not citing it) that up to 10% of fatal car accidents might in fact be suicides. What’s going on? Well, for obvious reasons insurance doesn’t pay out for suicides. But with a car wreck, it can be very difficult to determine intent, even with the help of accident reconstructionists. So in those cases, the policy is honored.

This all brings me to a new commercial by State Farm. It’s another spot in the witty “State Of” campaign, created by DDB Chicago.

Very smart. With the nostalgic tone and sad music, you think that the woman is talking about her late husband Hank. Then she thanks Hank, and he unexpectedly walks by and responds with a “you’re welcome.” Ha! So State Farm has living benefits. That’s useful information.

Bonus video: The State Farm “State of Chaos” commercial. It’s on all the time, but I’ve never actually written about it on here.

What’s That Song? Part XV

Artist: Girls Love Shoes, Song: “Home”

Previously featured in a great Buick commercial, Girls Love Shoes return in this Lowe’s ad. The spot is visually interesting,  and the song is decent. Though I like “Stars” much more.

Artist: Peter Bjorn and John, Song: “Second Chance”

This commercial for Bud Light Lime has been around since April, but I’ve been seeing it often lately. Expect it to be getting more airplay as winter approaches. Pretty good ad by DDB Chicago, with the beachiness, pretty women, and nice song. Bud Light Lime is obviously going after Corona drinkers.

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