Tuesday Throwback: Ray Charles And Diet Pepsi…You’ve Got The Right One, Baby

This was the original Diet Pepsi commercial featuring Ray Charles. Airing in the early ’90s, these spots had Charles singing, backed up by the Raelettes-reminiscent Uh Huh Girls. “You Got the Right One, Baby” became a popular catchphrase. I definitely remember these ads from my childhood.

100 Years Of Chevy

As soon as this commercial started, I knew it was going to be for Chevrolet. But wow…what an ad. At the end is Tim Allen, the voice of the “Chevy Runs Deep” campaign. And the song is Ray Charles’ rendition of “America The Beautiful”.

Pepsi: Who’s Next?

Actually, a nice montage-style commercial by Pepsi. The song playing is “Tonight Is the Night” by Outasight. But a few thoughts:

Michael Jackson’s hair caught on fire shooting a 1984 Pepsi commercial. It’s been noted that his addiction to painkillers may have started from the burns he received in this incident. An addiction that would of course lead to his death. Guess Pepsi is leaving that out.

We have the Internet now. There are more entertainment options than ever, leaving the pop culture world more fragmented. It just seems like there aren’t as many monster stars these days. So who’s next? Maybe nobody.

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