Audi Owners Associate With Stupid People

I have mixed feelings on this new Audi campaign, entitled “The Best”. The campaign is fairly amusing, but I’m not sure if it serves as the best advertisement for Audi. I think many viewers would have a takeaway more along the lines of “those clueless people” rather than “Audis are great”. At least that’s how it was for me…I forgot these were Audi commercials until the 3rd time I saw them. And there’s an inherent snob appeal…I bet a lot of people actually DON’T know about Honus Wagner, Vermeer, and Phil Jackson.

I Talk About The New Coke Zero Commercial AND Stuff

I really like the narrative structure of this ad. AND I’m pretty jealous of the guy. AND I’ve never had Coke Zero before…does it taste more like regular Coke than Diet?

Bonus video: AND do you remember this Coke Zero spot? Funny AND low-budget.

What’s That Song? Part XIV

Artist: Ivy, Song: “Edge of the Ocean”

Beautiful visuals and song. Nicely done, American Airlines.

Artist: Joy Zipper, Song: “1”

Cigna is an insurance company right? OK yeah, it is. Like the song…very ’60s vibe. And “Go You” is an effective slogan.

British Airways Gets Epic

I have a fondness for the epic. Tooling around on Facebook just seems more important when it’s paired with some epic music, like Explosions in the Sky. And now, here’s an epic commercial for British Airways. Awesome.

Bonus video: The making of this epic advert.

Best Buy’s Creepy Guy

Oh, Best Buy. I would have expected better from such a wholesome, Midwestern corporation. I know he wants to sell Just Dance 3, but WHY is that salesman so interested in a sleepover with middle school girls? “Do YOU like to dance?” Jesus. It seems like he’d also be into the girls dancing to another Katy Perry song. That pedophile smile. The lyric “the way you turn me on” in perfect sync with his pedophile smile. And then he busts a move at the end. I sincerely hope that’s the only thing he busted. Creepy, creepy, creepy.

American Airlines Makes Flying Slightly Less Unpleasant

Between the petty baggage fees, cramped seating configurations, and invasive security screenings, airlines have really taken a customer service beating in the last few years. But hey, American Airlines has Wi-Fi. Very cute commercial. It seems like a real conversation between mother and daughter.

Another Stupid Fiat Commercial Starring J.Lo

As if last month’s crappy Bollywood-esque spot starring J.Lo wasn’t enough, here’s another. It isn’t quite as terrible, but certainly not an example of good advertising. If J.Lo was really real, she’d be taking the subway (6 train perhaps?). The song playing is one of her new ones, “Until It Beats No More”. Jenny from the Block continues to talk, and we continue not to care.

11/22 update: A  J.Lo body double was used for the Bronx scenes…hilarious.

Citi: The Official Card For Being Stranded In Pretty Maritime Locations

That looks like a cool movie. And it seems like a very scenic place to be stuck. I love the nautical music playing in this spot. This one reminds me of another Citi commercial, which I also liked.

Oh, and the makeup artist is played by Patricia Ja Lee, better known for portraying the Pink Ranger from Power Rangers Turbo. Thank some observant YouTube viewers for that tidbit.

I’d Hate To See Brian Wilson’s Beard After A Taco Bell Meal

The San Francisco Giants missed the postseason this year after winning the World Series in 2010. This means that Brian Wilson (and his beard) have ample time to eat Taco Bell and film a commercial for them. Why do I feel like Tim Lincecum was also on the set as a “supervisor”?

That Commercial Where A Nissan Frontier Helps Land A Plane

Yeah…I’m sure it’s JUST like that. And despite the helpful “Fictionalization. Do not attempt” warning on this Nissan Frontier spot, I’m sure someone will try it, and probably die as a result. Though how badass would that be if it actually happened and you saw it?

Bonus video: “Interviews” with those who witnessed and were involved in this crazy fictional event.

AND another “over the top” commercial for the Nissan Frontier.

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