KFC Does Hyperbole

I’m not arguing the potential tastiness of KFC’s Famous Bowls, especially while intoxicated. And bacon DOES make everything better. But is the KFC Famous Bowl “the world’s best tasting full meal”? No, KFC, no. That’s just some Kentucky fried hyperbole there.

100 Years Of Chevy

As soon as this commercial started, I knew it was going to be for Chevrolet. But wow…what an ad. At the end is Tim Allen, the voice of the “Chevy Runs Deep” campaign. And the song is Ray Charles’ rendition of “America The Beautiful”.

Pepsi: Who’s Next?

Actually, a nice montage-style commercial by Pepsi. The song playing is “Tonight Is the Night” by Outasight. But a few thoughts:

Michael Jackson’s hair caught on fire shooting a 1984 Pepsi commercial. It’s been noted that his addiction to painkillers may have started from the burns he received in this incident. An addiction that would of course lead to his death. Guess Pepsi is leaving that out.

We have the Internet now. There are more entertainment options than ever, leaving the pop culture world more fragmented. It just seems like there aren’t as many monster stars these days. So who’s next? Maybe nobody.

Audi Owners Associate With Stupid People

I have mixed feelings on this new Audi campaign, entitled “The Best”. The campaign is fairly amusing, but I’m not sure if it serves as the best advertisement for Audi. I think many viewers would have a takeaway more along the lines of “those clueless people” rather than “Audis are great”. At least that’s how it was for me…I forgot these were Audi commercials until the 3rd time I saw them. And there’s an inherent snob appeal…I bet a lot of people actually DON’T know about Honus Wagner, Vermeer, and Phil Jackson.

I Talk About The New Coke Zero Commercial AND Stuff

I really like the narrative structure of this ad. AND I’m pretty jealous of the guy. AND I’ve never had Coke Zero before…does it taste more like regular Coke than Diet?

Bonus video: AND do you remember this Coke Zero spot? Funny AND low-budget.

What’s That Song? Part XIV

Artist: Ivy, Song: “Edge of the Ocean”

Beautiful visuals and song. Nicely done, American Airlines.

Artist: Joy Zipper, Song: “1”

Cigna is an insurance company right? OK yeah, it is. Like the song…very ’60s vibe. And “Go You” is an effective slogan.

British Airways Gets Epic

I have a fondness for the epic. Tooling around on Facebook just seems more important when it’s paired with some epic music, like Explosions in the Sky. And now, here’s an epic commercial for British Airways. Awesome.

Bonus video: The making of this epic advert.

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