The NFL’s “Bad Day” Fantasy Football Commercial Continues To Be A Yearly Tradition

The fantasy football season is wrapping up shortly, and it’s been another crappy one for me. When your first pick misses all but the opening game amid a child abuse investigation, your second pick is wildly inconsistent and now out the rest of the year, and your third pick is so bad that he gets written out of his team’s game plan, it doesn’t set up as a good season. This NFL fantasy football spot has aired since about 2008. It features one-hit wonder Daniel Powter’s “Bad Day.” This was an awful song, which somehow made it to #1, and in fact was the #1 song of 2006. But it works in this ad. The semi-witty, semi-corny team names are fun. And the amusing, overwrought reactions of the terrible team owners are amazing. This one still makes me smile.

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