This Commercial Sucks: Nissan Sentra And Brie Larson Tell This Woman Not To Compromise

It’s never a good sign when a video on YouTube has comments turned off. And as of now, this Nissan Sentra commercial has 4.7 thousand likes and 33 thousand dislikes. Oof. Anyway, the woman in this ad is getting a performance review over tacos. Her nerdy, white male boss says that they’re holding on a promotion this quarter. Just then, Brie Larson dramatically rolls up in an orange Sentra and tells her to drop the taco and get in the car. Brie starts giving her a pep talk of sorts, asking if this Sentra feels like a compromise. Clearly it’s not a compromise since this is a Nissan Sentra ad of course, and she shows off some of the car’s features. In conclusion, if the Nissan Sentra isn’t going to compromise, why should she? Sure…that’s a great comparison. Eye roll. She then comes back to her boss, newly empowered and ready NOT to compromise. #Feminism, right?


Nissan Pays Homage To Its Truck Forebears Chevy, Ford, And Dodge

It’s a bold (and rare) step to praise your direct competitors, but that’s just what Nissan does in a new commercial for its new Titan Xd pickup truck. Created by TBWA/Chiat/Day, “Shoulders of Giants” includes a voiceover talking about giants. We see different heroes- firefighters, astronauts, football players. Those scenes alternate with ones of kids being kids…exploring, running, dreaming. After a young boy jumps off a cliff into a swimming hole, the focus changes and the voiceover discusses “those who’ve gone before us.” It gives shout-outs to Chevy, Ford, and Dodge and images of those trucks are seen. Nissan thanks those trucks for coming before, and introduces its own Titan Xd. Bold, compelling, classy, and ultimately a great ad.

Stand Out With The 2016 Nissan Altima

It’s a pretty sharp Nissan Altima commercial featuring sleek skyline views and a voiceover about standing out that’s supplemented by flashbacks with scenes of nonconformity. I don’t know that the Nissan Altima stands out when it’s quite a popular car, but I digress. This spot has really gotten attention for its unique and mysterious music. Nobody quite seems to know what the song is. Best I can tell, it’s “Marigold” by the Foo Fighters (also recorded by Nirvana), possibly layered with a little “Where Is My Mind?” from the Pixies. If I get a definitive answer, I’ll update this post. As for the Rashida Jones-esque woman in the ad, that’s Brook Power.

Update: The song was specifically created for this commercial by a music house and it isn’t part of a full track. So that’s kinda disappointing.

That Stupid Nissan Rogue Commercial With The Racing Couple Who Hates Cooking

I’m sure some more sensitive types would say that this ad encourages speeding and breaking traffic laws in order to win a silly race (despite the fine print telling us not to be like this couple). The last one home has to cook! And of course they tie, so they just order in. The use of Edwin Starr’s “War”, a classic Vietnam-era protest song, is a curious (and pretty terrible) choice of music. I’m not offended by this ad, but it’s mostly just stupid. In case you’re wondering, the wife is played by Alexis Krause, and the husband is Jeremy Glazer.

These People Still Probably Wouldn’t Drive An Orange Nissan Murano

I originally wrote about this commercial at the end of last year, but I see that it’s getting played again, so here’s an updated version. It’s a pretty spiffy spot, with a very cool song. The jacket switching thing is neat. But yeah, I’m still not buying them in an orange Nissan Murano. And what does “the most social car we’ve ever designed” even mean? The song is the Mophonics remix of Dean Martin’s “Ain’t That a Kick in the Head?” The front seat woman is Kate Amundsen, backseat woman is Melodie Casta. Anyone know the identities of the men? Let me know if you do.

These People Wouldn’t Actually Drive An Orange Nissan Murano

Yeah…no. Cool song though. It’s a remix of Dean Martin’s “Ain’t That a Kick In The Head” by Mophonics. The front seat woman is Kate Amundsen, backseat woman is Melodie Casta. Anyone know the men in this ad? Let me know if you do.

That Commercial Where A Nissan Frontier Snowboards

In October, I wrote a post about a certain Nissan Frontier ad. You know, the one where it helps land a plane. It became one of my top-viewed entries, and I still see people searching whether or not it’s real. Which is funny, because it so obviously is fake. Here’s another Nissan Frontier commercial…and this time, it’s snowboarding. Why? Just because. Oh, and this one isn’t real either.

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