Sprite Introduces Its 2016 Lyrical Collection

This is a cool commercial from Sprite, created by Wieden+Kennedy. A young man goes into the cooler of a convenience store to grab a Sprite. The cans have lyrics from different hip-hop song lyrics written on them. There’s “The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)” by Missy Elliott, 2Pac’s “Keep Ya Head Up”, and J. Cole’s “Grown Simba.” Every time the teen touches the cans, the song plays and soon he’s scratching like a DJ, until the shopkeeper (played by rap legend Rakim) tells him to pick one. He picks the 2Pac can, and we hear “Keep Ya Head Up” again. Good stuff, Sprite.

Martin Sheen And Bill Pullman Swap Presidential Chat In These New Chrysler Commercials

I never watched The West Wing when it was on NBC, but thanks to Netflix, I’ve been able to see it. So it was a joy to watch Martin Sheen reprise his role as President Barlet and Bill Pullman revisit being President…Whitmore (had to look this one up) from Independence Day in these spots created by Wieden+Kennedy. I’d be more eager to vote for either of them than anyone who’s actually running this year.


Ron Burgundy’s Funny And Goofy Dodge Durango Commercials

First off, this is the 500th post on Commercial Society. So that’s cool. Ron Burgundy is also cool, and he’s starring in this wacky Dodge Durango campaign created by Wieden+Kennedy. Here’s more information on the campaign from Adfreak, and the first six spots (another 67 are planned online!)

Tuesday Throwback: Nike’s 2004 Red Sox World Series Commercial

2004 was a great year to start college in the Boston area. Largely because this happened. I don’t actually remember seeing Nike’s Red Sox ad, probably because I was out celebrating or watching a guy jump into our quad’s disgusting pond. But it’s a excellent spot showing the devotion of fans over decades of disappointment. It’s so cool that the brothers, young boys in 1919, grow up and attend the games with a changing cast of family and friends. They’re old men by 2004, and looking suspiciously good for being in their 90s. Styles and times change, but being a fan doesn’t. What’s also interesting is that the commercial, created by Wieden+Kennedy, actually was created in 2003, but it obviously had to be shelved when this happened.

nike red sox

Honda’s Spectacular Hands

“Hands”, a great new video from Honda, created by Wieden+Kennedy London, has racked up close to 2.5 million views on YouTube since being uploaded on July 3. Quite an impressive total, especially since it’s fairly long for an ad at nearly two minutes. And it’s well worth it. Maybe it’s not as classic as the “Cog” Honda ad (which gets referenced in the beginning and end of “Hands.”) But still a stellar piece of work and a compelling way to show off the company’s skills. This feels like an award winner.

That Stupid Facebook Home Commercial

I’m busy watching basketball, so I’ll keep it short. This is random, boring, and ultimately quite lame. Here’s what AdFreak has to say about it.

This Booking.com Commercial Is Pretty Booking Memorable

It’s fine if you haven’t heard of Booking.com. I hadn’t either until I saw this commercial tonight. And there’s a very simple reason for that. Booking.com is a travel site owned by Priceline based in Amsterdam that has been hugely popular in Europe, but isn’t a household name in the U.S. But now Booking is going for the American market, and this splashy spot created by Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam is an interesting debut.

It starts with the bombastic voiceover. And then something odd happens. With the line “you got it booking right”, the narration keeps using the word “booking” in place of a certain profanity. That’s a real attention grabber. The intentionally overdramatic acting is entertaining. It’s not an amazing ad, but it’s definitely memorable. And for a company trying to get a foothold in the crowded American travel market, it accomplishes the goal.

booking lobster

This Is SportsCenter: John Clayton’s Epic Ponytail

John Clayton is ESPN’s resident football nerd. Depending on who you ask, he resembles a turtle or Mr. Peabody. Deadspin has wondered whether he has a ponytail. Now, ESPN is in on the gag too. In this latest commercial from the classic “This Is Sportcenter” campaign (created by Wieden + Kennedy New York), we see the real John Clayton. He’s a ponytail (skullet?) rocking metalhead who lives at home and aggressively eats Chinese food. Awesome. This one just came out today, but it’s already garnering a huge amount of buzz.

Old Spice: I Will Live Forever

It’s finally time for the London Olympics. As Adweek notes, most Olympic commercials tend to be serious, like “Best Job”, a great ad which I never wrote about for some reason. But serious isn’t in Old Spice’s brand identity. I feel like it’s harder to do great work that’s humorous, but Old Spice really excels in this aspect. Those are some manly premium table crackers!

Nike’s “I Would Run To You”

Sweet, funny, and romantic Nike commercial, created by Wieden+Kennedy. The song is really catchy too. Don’t we all want someone who would run to us? I’ve seen a shorter version on TV, but this is the long one. The guy is played by Jon Schmidt and the girl is played by Stephanie Lynn.

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