Another Miller 64 Commercial Song

Ehh, I like the first one better. And I still think it’s hilarious that Miller is trying to market 64 to men. Especially with that whole stupid Miller Lite “Man Up” campaign…if it was “unmanly” to drink a light beer other than Miller Lite, then what’s Miller64?

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8 Responses to Another Miller 64 Commercial Song

  1. markonit says:

    I don’t think that the groundswell for being healthy has reached serious beer drinkers… I will have maybe one six-pack during the course of a year, work out pretty regularly… and when I have the very occasional beer, I am not worrying about whether or not it is high in anything…

    I still think that beer drinkers take into account that what they are drinking is not good for them. It is the same when I eat cookies or pizza. I know that it is throwing me ‘off’ but what the heck, a little detour is what makes all the hard work worth it!

    Same with low calorie beer. But you never know… Miller Lite had its doubters and now it is a staple on taps and in beer cases everywhere…

  2. Ben says:

    your missing the point and your not the target market. they are apealing to a regular drinker. thoes of us who buy a couple cases at a time to stock the “man cave”. irsh drinking music and camp fires, remember when we used to party like that?

    its not about the beer for “beer drinkers” i have no idea why miller 64 is different from other miller beer, but ill probably try it, & thats the point.

  3. mike says:

    or just pick up michelob ultra. it seems like ultra has been saying this same message for a couple years now. Kinda of bugs me that a brand like miller would do a me too campaign.

  4. dave percy says:

    this commercial is a sad, unimaginative, humorless, boardroom conceived ” quick we need to fill a spot fast!” attempt to create a broader profit base for a mass produced beer product that is designed from the bottom up to be as drinkable as possible to the most people possible. I watched the ad on TV and wondered out loud if the purpose was to make me feel retarded. Cliche office fodder, cheesy refrain which sounds like the same voice was dubbed a bunch of times…And hey! guess what?! It will sell lots of Miller “64”! Lots of folks will think this is what a beer is really supposed to be all about. Guess ol’ Hannum was right… Actually maybe I am becoming slightly retarded- was that Steven Tyler of Aerosmith that i just saw offering up his soul in a Burger King commercial??!! Wow!!! Kids’ meal toys in the attic anyone?…

    • Brian Lambert says:

      Good. I thought I was the only one who thought this campaign was uber-contrived with that idiotic fake deep voice that sounds like something from Spongebob Squarepants. This is just borderline patronizing the way they go down the list. I never realized how much these suds peddlers try to link masculinity and beer. Its funny, because the whole trend has been *light* beer…if you were a *real* man, would you not then drink straight beer! Yet every guy will say they hate the full-flavored stuff like Tecate. But if you drank 15 of those, you would probably slip into a coma. People drink the light stuff because they want to “put up the big numbers”.

  5. mjmpgh says:

    Complete crap. Unimaginative and annoying…
    Btw, it’s the theme song from Popeye that they are butchering

  6. lion says:

    Fire the ad company sad ad, and annoying, so much so it makes one thinks the beer is as bad as the ad

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