NBA: Kevin Love And DeMar DeRozan Discuss Mental Health

The Cleveland Cavaliers and the Toronto Raptors are currently playing each other in the Eastern Conference Semifinals. Kevin Love of the Cavs and DeMar DeRozan of the Raptors have both experienced well-documented struggles with mental health. In this spot, Love and DeRozan talk about how it’s good to ask for help. A very important and effective ad from the NBA.

Nike Shows Cleveland Fans Reacting To The Title

When a team wins a championship, Nike tends to make a congratulatory commercial. And when that win breaks a long curse, you’d better believe they’re making one. Last night, LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA Finals. It was the first title for the Cavs, as well as Cleveland’s first since 1964. In Nike’s new spot, we see the reactions of Cleveland area citizens as they realize their team won it all. It was worth the wait for them.

Tuesday Throwback: Nike Honors Ben Wilson

Last night I watched Benji, a documentary about the short life and shocking murder of Chicago high school basketball phenom Ben Wilson. In researching after I watched, I discovered this Nike ad featuring Wilson’s story that aired during the 1997 NBA playoffs. Excellent work.

Powerade: Featuring Derrick Rose And Tupac Shakur

Last week, Chicago Bulls star point guard Derrick Rose underwent surgery to repair a torn meniscus. It’s the latest in a long line of knee injuries for Rose. The Bulls say he should be able to return for the playoffs, but at this point it’s easy to wonder if Rose might be the new Penny Hardaway; a great player who is ultimately betrayed by his body. Under that lens, this new Powerade spot featuring a voiceover by Tupac Shakur seems especially poignant. It shows a young boy who represents a young Derrick Rose riding his bike through Chicago’s rough South Side to the United Center, paralleling Rose’s own life. The video is beautifully shot, and Tupac’s powerful words from “The Rose That Grew From Concrete” adds to the scene. Great work.

Nike: LeBron And Cleveland Are Going All In Together

Tonight, LeBron James will make his highly anticipated return to Cleveland as a member of the Cavaliers. For the occasion, Nike has created this stirring two-minute ad showing LeBron’s importance not just to his team, but to the championship-starved city of Cleveland. Good stuff.

Dikembe Mutombo Swats For Geico

I’m not a fan of the doofy Geico musical duo. I find them to be smarmy and annoying. But any commercial that features retired NBA great Dikembe Mutombo swatting away things and doing his trademark finger wag is a winner in my book.

An NBA Sunday: Kevin Durant/Sprint And Kobe Bryant/Nike

Today, the Oklahoma City Thunder head to LA to face the struggling Lakers. So this seems like a good time to mention a few commercials featuring the biggest stars from each team: Kevin Durant and Kobe Bryant.

This Sprint commercial with Kevin Durant is fun and silly. Nothing groundbreaking, but the visual of Durant in ill-fitting pajamas sure is amusing. Speaking of, the word “pajamas” is inherently amusing. And it turns out the wife is appreciating the fact that her husband is suddenly more height blessed.

And now Kobe Bryant for Nike. Being a Nike commercial, it’s pretty awesome, if a touch pretentious. Excellent copy that suggests counting on Kobe is like any other inevitable thing in the world. Very cool visuals, ending with #COUNTONKOBE. It’s the introductory spot to the Kobe8System, his newest sneakers.

State Farm: LeBron Wants You To Graduate

I know this commercial has been around since the beginning of the NBA season, but it’s one that I never wrote about. It’s got a great message to stay in school and it’s hard to argue with the “life is too short to sleep through it” line. Really…every 26 seconds? That’s gotta be some sort of average, since I don’t think many kids are dropping out at 4 AM. But what always cracks me up is the part with the cheesy music and LeBron just chillin in the back of the classroom with nobody noticing.

Charles Barkley Wears A Black Dress For Weight Watchers

Charles Barkley is a classic. Over the years, he’s accidentally spit on a little girl during a game, threw a man through a plate-glass window, sparked a national debate on whether athletes should be role models, publicly admitted to losing millions of dollars gambling, and last but not least, he got a DUI and explained that he was in a hurry to get a blowjob from his female passenger (who wasn’t his wife). Still, we don’t care because Charles Barkley is that awesome. After the DUI arrest, Charles was suspended from his TNT NBA gig. I remember watching when he returned…it was like he had just come back from beating cancer. So Barkley’s Teflon-like personality and incredible charisma make him a natural spokesman. For the last few months, he’s promoted Weight Watchers in the “Lose Like a Man” campaign after losing a significant amount of girth with their program. He also got caught in a bit of a hot mic situation after calling Weight Watchers a “scam.” But Weight Watchers is forgiving like we all are of Charles’ outspoken nature…and now he’s talking about eating man food like steak and pizza, while dressing like a woman. Not gonna lie, Charles looks good. Enjoy.

Blake Griffin Both Endorses And Jumps Over Kia Optimas

Last year, Blake Griffin won the All-Star Slam Dunk Contest as a rookie (he also won Rookie of the Year). His signature dunk involved jumping over a Kia Optima. So he seemed like a natural spokesman for the Kia Optima. Here are some of Blake’s commercials. He’s really got the deadpan humor down.

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