Charles Barkley Wears A Black Dress For Weight Watchers

Charles Barkley is a classic. Over the years, he’s accidentally spit on a little girl during a game, threw a man through a plate-glass window, sparked a national debate on whether athletes should be role models, publicly admitted to losing millions of dollars gambling, and last but not least, he got a DUI and explained that he was in a hurry to get a blowjob from his female passenger (who wasn’t his wife). Still, we don’t care because Charles Barkley is that awesome. After the DUI arrest, Charles was suspended from his TNT NBA gig. I remember watching when he returned…it was like he had just come back from beating cancer. So Barkley’s Teflon-like personality and incredible charisma make him a natural spokesman. For the last few months, he’s promoted Weight Watchers in the “Lose Like a Man” campaign after losing a significant amount of girth with their program. He also got caught in a bit of a hot mic situation after calling Weight Watchers a “scam.” But Weight Watchers is forgiving like we all are of Charles’ outspoken nature…and now he’s talking about eating man food like steak and pizza, while dressing like a woman. Not gonna lie, Charles looks good. Enjoy.

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