Geico: Stuff Gets Lost In The Couch, Even Dave Coulier

In Geico’s newest, a couple is looking for the remote in the couch. The husband is digging around, and finds a bunch of random old crap. First his wife’s old CD player, and then his high school retainer…which he then puts in his mouth. Finally, he pulls out early 90s sitcom star (and hilariously, the subject of Alanis Morissette’s angry breakthrough hit “You Oughta Know”) Dave Coulier. Coulier then does his signature “Cut it out” catchphrase from Full House and then wonders aloud what year it is. All with a sitcom laugh track, of course. The husband is played by Jack Impellizzeri, and the wife is Elizabeth Bond.

Tuesday Throwback: Heroin Is Bad, And Rachael Leigh Cook Destroys This Kitchen

After starring in She’s All That, Rachael Leigh Cook had a brief period of being the “It Girl” of the late ’90s-early 2000s. But her first real claim to fame came in 1997, when she appeared in a Partnership for a Drug-Free America commercial. In the ad, she smashes an egg with a frying pan to simulate what heroin does to your brain. And then she goes much further, ultimately destroying the kitchen to show heroin does to the lives of users, as well as their friends and family. Was this spot effective? Who knows? But it was jarring, memorable, and honestly…strangely sexy. Last year, Rachael Leigh Cook and the Drug Policy Alliance created a remake for the 20th anniversary of the ad. It focuses on the disproportionate effect the War on Drugs has had on people of color.

Burger King’s Return Of The Mac N’ Cheetos

I love the ’90s. ’90s music in particular. Mark Morrison’s “Return of the Mack” was a huge hit in 1997, reaching #2 on the Billboard Hot 100. But it’s a song that I don’t remember, and only know at all from being on “Best of the ’90s” playlists and compilations. Burger King’s celebrates the return of Mac n’ Cheetos in its new commercial that puts The King and Chester Cheetah’s heads on Mark Morrison and another…uhh guy…from the original music video. It’s funny, for sure, though it would be a lot funnier if I remembered the original. But based on the fact that that top YouTube comments are “The greatest commercial I’ve ever seen…” and “Whoever made this needs several promotions and a fat raise”, Burger King’s ad, created by DAVID Miami, is a big hit.

Wendy’s Brings Back The ’90s With Its Taco Salad

If you came of age in the ’90s like I did, it’s easy to get nostalgic about that time, especially when comparing it with the festering craphole decade of the 2000s that followed. But while we might look back at the music, TV, and pop culture of the ’90s with rose-colored glasses, a closer look reveals that not all was good. For example, “Macarena”, a terrible song which had an even more hideous dance, was a #1 hit for fourteen weeks back in 1996. Eww.

Wendy’s apparently had a Taco Salad on its menu in the ’90s (I don’t remember this), and now it’s bringing it back. But in these amusing spots from VML, Wendy’s brings up aspects of ’90s life that are best left in the past. They show teenagers embarrassed by their ’90s loving parents. There’s the Cosby sweater wearing dad (played by Robert Maschio AKA “The Todd” from Scrubs) who’s enthralled by dial-up Internet and its accompanying cacophony. We’ve got the mom in a hilarious “talk to the hand” sweatshirt whose still using the cheesy ’90s slang. Like “don’t go there” and “bomb diggity…dot com.” So cool, Mom…NOT! And then the father who covers up his unfortunate frosted hair with an unequally unfortunate hat. It’s a chuckler.

Tuesday Throwback: This Kid Wants Lunchables Pizza

I was randomly thinking about Lunchables today. If a kid brought in a lunch of crackers, processed meat slices, and “cheese” (i.e. pasteurized prepared cheese product), that wouldn’t be cool. But add a little candy bar, a Capri-Sun pouch, and put it in a snazzy package, and suddenly you’ve got the lunch everyone wants. Advertising certainly made added to the demand for Lunchables , and some research showed that kids felt empowered eating them, because they could put together their own cracker sandwiches the way they wanted. As Lunchables became more popular, they branched out into other food items. In this 1995 commercial, we see a young boy clamoring for pizza lunch every day, only to be disappointed by a steady stream of brown bag sandwiches. When he finally gets Lunchables “pizza”…good times. The boy was played by Alex D. Linz, who starred in the crappy Home Alone 3 a few years later.

Pepsi Remakes Its Classic Cindy Crawford Commercial With Emojis

Cindy Crawford starred in this iconic 1992 Pepsi Super Bowl commercial, which further catapulted her into the supermodel and pop culture stratosphere. Now Pepsi has remade it with emojis. In their words, “it’s been Pepsi eMOLEjified”, which is a pun that’s part clever and part makes me want to throw something. As for the spot, I find it to be a big ehh. Maybe it’ll cause some nostalgia for people who remember the original, but it’s just reminding me that emojis and hashtags shouldn’t be used too much in advertising. It just makes it look like you’re trying too hard to appeal to the youth. And speaking of the youth, I doubt they’ll really get the reference to the original ad, unless they’ve seen the funny James Corden parody.

Roush Fenway Has Its Own NASCAR-Flavored SunnyD Parody

This one was sent to me by a reader. I’ve written on here both about the classic SunnyD commercial from the ’90s, and its updated version from last year. Now, since SunnyD is a sponsor for NASCAR’s Roush Fenway team, there’s a new spot that’s a parody of the original. It stars NASCAR drivers Ricky Stenhouse Jr. and Chris Buescher, alongside Fox NASCAR’s Andrew Doud and Kaitlyn Vincie. I chuckled at Doud’s “mega gnarly Mrs. V.” And yet, the mystery of what the purple stuff was still remains.

Tuesday Throwback: Dell And Stephen Curry Go To Burger King

I don’t remember this Burger King commercial from the mid ’90s, but it’s been making its rounds online since being shown on the Jumbotron during last night’s Warriors game. Lil’ Steph is adorable. Of course, Stephen indeed grew up to be a basketball player, and a much bigger star than his dad, Dell. It also reminds me of this McDonald’s spot with Cecil and Prince Fielder.

Dish Network And “This Is How We Do It”

’90s nostalgia is back in full force in this Dish Network commercial which features some extremely dorky dancing to Montell Jordan’s “This Is How We Do It”. It’s an ad that I feel like will get old really quick. Jill is played by Kara Luiz.

Those SunnyD Kids From The ’90s Are Back As Adults

Back in 1991, SunnyD debuted a commercial that would be played for years on kids’ TV. The best way to describe the ad would have to be “very 90s.” Dave Chappelle even did a did a bit about the infamous “purple stuff” line. Now there’s a hilarious remake. The kids (not the same actors) are now adults. Very, very stunted adults. The now elderly Mrs. B offers a great zinger: “You’re 36. You need a job.” Love it.

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