Geico: Raccoons Raid The Garbage, But Aren’t Impressed With The Taste

Honestly, I could probably write a blog just about funny Geico ads. In the latest of the “It’s What You Do” campaign, we see raccoons being raccoons and scavenging through garbage. The one raccoon eats something really awful, and wants his friends and/or family to try it. Because when you taste something bad, you want someone else to try it…it’s what you do. But as AdFreak notes, the companion videos might be even better. “Raccookin'” shows one of the raccoons whipping together a recipe. Except that they’re fake recipes with names like “pepperoni garbage bread” made with stuff out of the trash. His narration is low-key great.


Autotrader: A Guy And A Girl Looking For Cars Find Each Other At A Concert

Another commercial showing young people driving to a concert. Are you willing to suspend your disbelief that they’d both be on Autotrader at the same time? If you’re looking this one up, you probably want to know the song. It’s “Seventeen” by Sjowgren. The guy is played by Tim Braun and the girl is Yolimar Lara. Here’s more on the spot from AdFreak.



Acura’s Ad Features Very Lifelike Dummies

It must be a little weird to work with crash test dummies. If your car performs poorly, it’s not just a mangled dummy on your hands…the implication is that real people could be seriously injured or killed. In this new Acura commercial from Mullen Lowe, we see a technician putting uncanny valley-like dummies into the car. The technician then sees himself behind the wheel. As the spot closes, we find out why the dummies looked so real. It’s a solid, slightly unsettling ad with a cool and unique perspective. Here’s more information about it from AdFreak.

SodaStream And Scarlett Johansson Call Out Coke And Pepsi, Get Censored

Continuing a trend that’s been going on for a few years now, many Super Bowl commercials are available online before the big game. SodaStream will have a commercial, but it’ll be different from this one. Why? As reported on AdFreak, the “sorry, Coke and Pepsi” line was a sticking point. Pepsi is the official sponsor of the halftime show, and Coke is Coke. So yeah. Here’s the original.

Mike’s Golf Shop Buys Golf Clubs

Gotta love low-budget, local commercials…this brilliant one is from Chattanooga, TN. Mike’s Golf Shop buys golf clubs. Really. Owner Mike Mixson wants you to know that “we buy golf clubs!” Hat tip to AdFreak.

Ron Burgundy’s Funny And Goofy Dodge Durango Commercials

First off, this is the 500th post on Commercial Society. So that’s cool. Ron Burgundy is also cool, and he’s starring in this wacky Dodge Durango campaign created by Wieden+Kennedy. Here’s more information on the campaign from Adfreak, and the first six spots (another 67 are planned online!)

Petco Shows The Human-Animal Bond

Do you like animals? If not, you’re also probably not a good person. But if so, you’ll probably think Petco’s new commercial is great. Here’s what AdFreak has to say.


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