Internet Explorer Beckons Children Of The ’90s

It’s 2013, and ’90s nostalgia is in full effect. Internet Explorer, once the top web browser worldwide until being overtaken by Google Chrome (and challenged by Firefox), is getting in on the mood with this sentimental video. It’s been garnering a lot of buzz around the Internet, with more than 4,000,000 views on YouTube in three days. The ad taps into wistful memories of us ’90s children, what with Oregon Trail, Super Soakers, L.A. Lights, Hungry Hungry Hippos, and Pogs. The message: you’ve changed and so has Internet Explorer. There’s even a site which takes the Domino’s-esque route of “we know we sucked, but now we’re good.” So will it work? Probably not. Both IE 9 and 10 have gotten positive reviews, but there seems little incentive to change once one is happy with a web browser. It’s a nice try though.

Internet Explorer 9’s Stylish Commercial

For years, Internet Explorer has been derided as a crappy web browser. I used to use it, but then Mozilla Firefox won my heart. But apparently Internet Explorer 9 is much better. I have a pragmatic relationship when it comes to browsers. As long as it’s effective and doesn’t crash a lot (my reason for dropping IE in the first place), I’m good. Anyway, this new Internet Explorer 9 commercial is spiffy and stylish.

The song is “Too Close” by Alex Clare, which just debuted at #68 on the Billboard Hot 100 due in large part to its use in this commercial. Check out the video too…sweet.

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