The Miller 64 Song That Makes Me Want To Throw A Bottle Of Beer At The TV

Clearly based off  “99 Bottles of Beer.” And just terrible.

The 5-hour Energy Pink Lemonade Song That Makes Me Want To Break Things

I’ve written about 5-hour Energy’s crappy commercials before, and here’s another addition. This just sucks. It’s nice that some of the proceeds go to breast cancer awareness, but still…awful.


Another Miller 64 Commercial Song

Ehh, I like the first one better. And I still think it’s hilarious that Miller is trying to market 64 to men. Especially with that whole stupid Miller Lite “Man Up” campaign…if it was “unmanly” to drink a light beer other than Miller Lite, then what’s Miller64?

The Miller 64 Commercial Song

That’s really catchy. But it won’t inspire me to drink Miller 64. Oh, so it’s actually branded as Miller64 now? Leaving out the space is super trendy, I guess. You know why it’s so light? Only 2.8% ABV.

4/8 edit: Here’s the new Miller64 commercial song that’s being shown.

The Pizza Hut $10 Song

It’s stuck in my head. Sounds familiar, but I don’t know if it reminds of a particular song, or a composite of numerous songs. Anyone?


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