Citi: This Woman Builds A Snowman Family

Citi’s commercial is super sentimental and pretty cheesy, but also kinda nice. A woman buys a scarf and carrots with her Citi Rewards card. Why you ask? Well, she’s building a snowman family to surprise her husband. And there’s a little one, because she’s expecting. Surprise! Aww. The song is a lovely cover of Bright Eyes’“First Day of My Life”, performed by Jillian Edwards.


The Song From That Citi Concert Commercial

It’s a perfectly pleasant Citi commercial, complete with confetti and some impressive urban scenery. But if you’re on this page, you’re probably here to find out about the song. That song is “Wow” from Zara Larsson and Marshmello. So damn catchy. The blonde woman is played by Lauren Hastings, and her friend is Bora Jasa.

Citi: Letting You Enjoy Orange Peel Infused Dates And Quality Time With Your Kids

Here’s a pair from cute commercials from Citi. In the first, someone uses the Citi Mobile app with Zelle to pay the babysitter. That person looks up just in time to catch that orange peel in the mouth thing…and who can resist that? The woman is played by the alluring Marisa Echeverria, and the song is “You Are the Best Thing” by Ray LaMontagne. The second ad also involves the Citi Mobile app. A man pays his credit card bill, before acting like a dinosaur. This doting father’s got his kids sitting on his feet as he stomps around, hence why the spot is called “Kiddie Shoes.” The song is “Something’s Got a Hold on Me” by Etta James.


Citi Double Cash’s Brutally Honest Date

Going on bad dates is pretty much a universal human experience. We’ve all had at least one. I’m thinking about a particular one where I said “see ya” as we departed, and then almost instantly thought to myself “no, I won’t actually…at least not on purpose.” So that’s the premise of these Citi Double Cash spots. They play out date scenarios where people are brutally honest. Of course, the situations wouldn’t happen in real life, but Citi ties it into its Double Cash credit card by stating that it would be great if people said what they meant. The woman is played by Katlyn Carlson and the man is played by Zack Robidas.




Citi Can Make You Less Boring

I almost feel like this guy could be me, if I had more money. Giada is quite attractive, although yeah, her head is pretty gigantic. And speaking of attractive…Alicia Keys. Beautiful. The song is “Girl On Fire.”  So go Jack! Way to show Lauren! Use that Citi card with Private Pass! Granted, Jack still might be boring, but at least he does more interesting things now. And in case you’re wondering, Lauren is played by Jocelyn Deboer.

Ohh, I hadn’t seen these. So Jack has (had?) a passion for wearing khakis (his favorite color too) and eating oatmeal and vanilla ice cream. Guess he really was boring.

200 Years Of Citi

Big banks aren’t held in the highest esteem these days. That might be the understatement of the year. I don’t really have a strong opinion one way or the other about banks, but I will say that things are rarely as simple as good/evil. I’m here to write about and review commercials, not talk about the specific brands or products (though I do end up doing that fairly often). And I’m really liking this commercial celebrating the 200th anniversary of Citi.

I think it’s a great one, despite the decidedly unstellar reviews on YouTube. Again, that probably has more to do with the unpopularity of Citi. It’s hard to tell how much impact Citi had on these historical events, but it’s cool to be reminded of them. The cinematography/narration are crisp, and the music is pleasant. Staying in business for 200 years is pretty damn impressive, too.

What’s That Song? Part XVIII

Artist: Grouplove, Song: “Tongue Tied”

With cool/douchey (depending on your perspective) teenagers hopping around to a hipsterific song, Apple’s new iPod Touch ad hearkens back to the early days of iPod advertising. I find this song to be pretty obnoxious. Plus, the commercial is incredibly loud. I dozed off during Monday Night Football last night, and this jarred me awake. And I’m now realizing how old that makes me sound.

Artist: Brighton MA, Song: “Good Kind Of Crazy”

This holiday commercial from Jack Daniel’s is calm, relaxing, and looks great. This song by Brighton MA is calm, relaxing, and sounds great. The holiday barrel tree is a genius idea.

Artist: L.P., Song: “Into The Wild”

Pretty from Citi. And L.P.’s got a nice voice on her.

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