Geico: Pinocchio Lies On A First Date, And Gets A Parking Ticket

More ads from Geico’s “Sequel” campaign star Pinocchio. When we originally saw Pinocchio, he was a bad motivational speaker. This time around, we see him on a Tinder-style first date. He thinks his date Samantha looks more like a Heather, but “Pete Nocchio” did some lying, and she’s not impressed. Samantha walks out. And elsewhere, Pinocchio tries to convince a cop (Regi Davis) that he unknowingly parked in a no-parking zone. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t work.


Progressive’s Babyman Is In The Office And On A Date

Babyman is back for a new Progressive commercial. I wonder if it’ll be as polarizing as the first one. Anyway, in this version he’s carried in a sling by his coworker at the office cheerfully greeting the drones, and testing his milk from a sippy cup while other colleagues are on a coffee break. And while on a date, the bibbed Babyman orders cereal to be spread all around the table, and says that he and his date will split a warm hot dog. He also wants a glass of grape juice to spill on the carpet. Babyman’s date does not look amused. Anyone know who plays Babyman?

Goya: This Man Sees The Most Incredible Chick…Peas

Well, this is a cute and wholesome commercial from Goya. A man is walking down the Goya aisle (are there American grocery stores that have an entire Goya aisle?), when he sees the most incredible chick. We think he’s talking about the attractive woman in front of him, but he finishes the statement and says that he sees the most incredible chick peas. Again, that grocery store has an ridiculously large selection of Goy Chick Peas. And they end up going on a date where he impresses her with his dish made from Goya Chick Peas. Or garbanzo beans as she calls them. I actually never realized that chickpeas and garbanzo beans were the same thing, but yeah. Anyone know who play the attractive couple?

Cotton Shows An Ex-Girlfriend Tattooed Dude On A Date

I know that cotton has advertised for years, but it still seems a bit odd to me. Of course, it something that most of us wear every day, but I guess the cotton industry still has some stigma from its dark history in the United States. Anyway, in this amusing new spot, Cotton shows a bad first date, where a wannabe Casanova raises his shirt to reveal abdominal tattoos of his many ex-girlfriend. But he’s still got room for that special someone. Dating can feel uncomfortable, but your clothes shouldn’t, says Cotton. The woman in the ad is Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld, and I’ll update with the tattoo guy’s identity when I find out who he is. This commercial is part of a bigger Cotton campaign, which also features a newscaster who might be a Peeping Tom (that cracked me up), a clumsy first day fail, and a fall becoming a meme.


Mercedes: Not Even A Blizzard Will Stop This Young Couple’s First Date

If you’ve been looking forward to something for a long time, you’ll tend to do anything to make sure that it still happens. That’s the situation in this adorable new Mercedes ad. There’s a major snowstorm, but this dad still departs in their Benz with his son to a movie theater. He walks in, and it’s completely deserted. After wandering around disappointed, he comes back outside to meet his dad. Just then, another Mercedes emerges, and out hops a girl. Presumably, it was their first date. Aww. It’s a sweet story, and also serves well to advertise the 4MATIC All-wheel Drive. The soft song playing is “Make You Feel My Love” by Sleeping At Last.

Citi Double Cash’s Brutally Honest Date

Going on bad dates is pretty much a universal human experience. We’ve all had at least one. I’m thinking about a particular one where I said “see ya” as we departed, and then almost instantly thought to myself “no, I won’t actually…at least not on purpose.” So that’s the premise of these Citi Double Cash spots. They play out date scenarios where people are brutally honest. Of course, the situations wouldn’t happen in real life, but Citi ties it into its Double Cash credit card by stating that it would be great if people said what they meant. The woman is played by Katlyn Carlson and the man is played by Zack Robidas.




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