Burger King Sweden Wants You To Take The 50-50 Challenge

Are you an adventurous soul who likes flipping coins? If so, Burger King Sweden’s 50-50 Menu might be right up your alley. These days with products like Impossible and Beyond burgers, plant-based patties are increasingly tasting meat-like. So on the 50-50 Menu, you can order a Whopper or chicken sandwich without knowing if it’s meat or plant. You can then use the Burger King app to guess and see if you were right. The Swedish ad contains the memorable opening lines “This is such a mindfuck.” Later on this year, there are another round of ads planned detailing how people did with their guesses. It’s quite interesting work from Stockholm agency Ingo.

KFC: The New Colonel Sanders Is…RoboCop

In the last number of years, KFC has had so many actors playing Colonel Sanders in its commercials that its not even worth mentioning. But here’s a notable new Colonel: RoboCop. If he told someone the secret recipe, he’d have to kill them. It’s just a ha ha ha funny joke though…right? According to this longer video, set up as a faux-news story, the Secret Recipe was transferred by RoboCop to the Bahnhof Underground Data Center in Stockholm, Sweden (once home to WikiLeaks). There it lies in a nuclear bomb shelter 100 feet under a Stockholm mountain, built to survive armageddon. Very safe!

Snoop Dogg Becomes Smoooth Dogg In This Klarna Ad From Sweden

Swedish bank Klarna has previously received attention for a unique and hypnotic campaign which emphasized its tagline of “Smoooth payments.” Now Klarna is getting a bit flashier in another bizarrely hypnotic spot featuring Snoop Dogg. Only now, he’s Smoooth Dogg. The song playing throughout is “Pardon My G” by Fashawn and featuring Snoop Dogg.

Klarna Gets Smooothly Hypnotic In These Ads From Sweden

Sometimes you’ll see an ad that seemingly has little to do with the product or business that it’s advertising. This campaign for Swedish e-commerce payment brand Klarna could fit that description. But you know what? The spots, created by DDB Stockholm, are so good that it doesn’t even matter. In them, a fish smooothly slides down a slide and on a floor, a block of cheese is smoothly sliced, and an odd sea creature smooothly swims. All of this ties in (sorta) with Klarna’s tagline of “Smoooth payments.” And yes, their smooth has 3 O’s. It’s utterly bizarre, but with the hypnotic visuals and music, it’s pretty great too.


Citi: The Official Card For Being Stranded In Pretty Maritime Locations

That looks like a cool movie. And it seems like a very scenic place to be stuck. I love the nautical music playing in this spot. This one reminds me of another Citi commercial, which I also liked.

Oh, and the makeup artist is played by Patricia Ja Lee, better known for portraying the Pink Ranger from Power Rangers Turbo. Thank some observant YouTube viewers for that tidbit.

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