Milo Ventimiglia From This Is Us Urges Forgiveness For Crock-Pot

If you watch NBC’s tearjerking drama This Is Us, you already know that a faulty switch on a slow cooker started the fire that ultimately led to patriarch Jack Pearson’s death. It was an unbranded slow cooker, but since Crock-Pot is pretty much a generic trademark, the brand received a surprising amount of vitriol on social media. Now on the eve of the big Super Bowl episode where we’ll see the full story of Jack’s demise, Milo Ventimiglia stars in an amusing ad for Crock-Pot. In #CrockPotIsInnocent, Milo, appearing as Jack, urges forgiveness and spoons some Crock-Pot chili into a bowl. Some solid meta humor there. Here’s more from Adweek.



Citi Can Make You Less Boring

I almost feel like this guy could be me, if I had more money. Giada is quite attractive, although yeah, her head is pretty gigantic. And speaking of attractive…Alicia Keys. Beautiful. The song is “Girl On Fire.”  So go Jack! Way to show Lauren! Use that Citi card with Private Pass! Granted, Jack still might be boring, but at least he does more interesting things now. And in case you’re wondering, Lauren is played by Jocelyn Deboer.

Ohh, I hadn’t seen these. So Jack has (had?) a passion for wearing khakis (his favorite color too) and eating oatmeal and vanilla ice cream. Guess he really was boring.

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