The Zoosk Heart Friend

Lately, whenever I’ve wanted to watch videos on YouTube, this Zoosk commercial has come up. Based on the YouTube comments, this seems to be a common experience. It toes the line between funny and annoying…I’m definitely getting a little annoyed at being forced to watch it. Though the “damn right, I’m gonna book the date” line is pretty damn amusing. I wonder if Liz (played by Jessica McKenna) and Brad got together in the end.

3/8 update: They did.

Volkswagen’s Super Bowl Teaser Should Make People Get Happy

In the last few years, Super Bowl teasers have started popping up in the days and weeks before the big game. It’s something of a polarizing topic…I’m not a big fan and neither is Jalopnik. There’s something cool about waiting for the commercials and not knowing what’s to come. Though it is important to note that many of the teasers are just that, and are mere hints of the ad. Volkswagen is always one of the big Super Bowl players, and here’s a teaser of theirs.

I like it. It creates an amusing mood by juxtaposing YouTube’s saddest/most pissed-off with a ridiculously catchy song by Jimmy Cliff. And yes, they all get happy in a hippie-ish, “I’d Like to Teach the World to Song” scene.

Citi: The Official Card For Being Stranded In Pretty Maritime Locations

That looks like a cool movie. And it seems like a very scenic place to be stuck. I love the nautical music playing in this spot. This one reminds me of another Citi commercial, which I also liked.

Oh, and the makeup artist is played by Patricia Ja Lee, better known for portraying the Pink Ranger from Power Rangers Turbo. Thank some observant YouTube viewers for that tidbit.

Sun Drops Like A Bomb

Sun Drop, a citrus soft drink long only available in parts of the South and Midwest, is now being distributed nationally. The Dr. Pepper Snapple group is doing a great job promoting Sun Drop. Watch.

This commercial is generating a huge amount of heat, with almost 4.7 million views since being uploaded on YouTube in March. Sun Drop also has a contest to make your own video and be featured in a future ad, and a YouTube search reveals dozens of parody videos. Everything is working here…dancing, a wicked catchy Snoop Dogg song, interactivity, and the excitement of a new product. Sun Drop is poised to make a big splash this summer. Watch out, Mountain Dew.

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