This Couple Has McDonald’s Quarter Pounders After Their Wedding

Apparently at weddings, there isn’t a whole lot of time for the newlyweds to eat dinner. They’ll spend their time schmoozing with friends, dancing, and having awkward conversations with those distant family members that they don’t really know but got invited anyway. The meal often takes a backseat. In fact, the whole wedding experience is so stressful (and also intoxicated) that a majority of couples don’t even have wedding night sex. Anyway, in this new McDonald’s commercial, we follow a newly married couple at their wedding. At the end when they are getting into the limo to depart, they open the door and find couple Quarter Pounders, fries, and a note from the bride’s dad. “There’s never time to eat at your own wedding. Love- Dad.” Aww. Pretty sweet actually, but hard not to be a little snarky. It’s nice that he didn’t get stuff off the Dollar Menu, but McDonald’s? Maybe they just like Quarter Pounders? Or maybe he’s just a little broke from paying for the wedding and feeding everyone else? I guess we’ll never know. The song playing is “Lean On Me” by Telekinesis. Jaclyn Hennell plays the bride, while Josh Salt is the groom.

Quaker Oats Says “Off You Go!”

It’s a nice ad that follows a young girl through her life, ultimately becoming an adult with a girl of her own. Along the way, Quaker Oats plays an important role. The narrative method of following a particular character as they grow up has certainly been done before, but it often leads to a sentimental message that is powerful and popular with the audience. The song is by Dylan Charbeneau.

This Couple’s Saving Scheme Pops At Micasa

Micasa is a Swiss furniture store that apparently competes with Ikea. They have a unique discount where you can get 5% off for each family member you bring into the store. Of course, as this young couple embarrassingly learns, they have to be actual people. Other spots in the campaign feature people trying out similar schemes with mannequins and dogs. Cute and funny work from Leo Burnett Switzerland.

Geico’s Final Countdown…For The Microwave

I guess it is pretty true to life…I know I do a countdown with the microwave. But for me, this Geico spot featuring Europe’s “The Final Countdown” is just meh. Not bad, just not one of my favorites from this often excellent campaign.

Luke McCown Is A Fantastic Backup Quarterback Spokesman For Verizon

Are you tired of seeing the same superstars, mostly quarterbacks, on every other commercial during football season? Well, New Orleans Saints backup QB Luke McCown is here to break up the monotony. Brilliant!

9/25 update: Drew Brees injured his shoulder and will be out this Sunday. Luke McCown will get his chance to shine!

Owen Just Got A Job At GE, Awkwardness Ensues

If someone mentions GE, it’s a pretty good bet that you’ll think of manufacturing. I associate GE with light bulbs, since Thomas Edison was one of the founders. GE Aviation is headquartered a few miles away from where I grew up, so that comes to mind too. But ol’ General Electric wants you to know that it’s a digital company as well as an industrial company. To demonstrate this point, its new campaign introduces Owen, a charmingly befuddled recent college grad who just got hired by GE as a programmer. But since everyone has preconceived notions about the company, awkwardness ensues. It’s nice work by BBDO New York that will especially resonate with anyone who has been in the uncomfortable situation of having to explain a job to peers and parents. By the way, Owen is played by Gianmarco Soresi.

Tuesday Throwback: That Awkward Hall’s Refresh Commercial In A Dorm Room

This one is from 2009, and damn, it’s awkward. We got the mom, Mrs. Hunter, and her son’s new roommate sharing a moment over a Hall’s Refresh. Is it normal for an 18 year old to be asking Mrs. Hunter if she wants a cough drop? And would he really be calling it a Halls Refresh? They both enjoy the mouth-wateringly refreshing juicy flavor, much to the shock of Ronnie and Ronnie’s dad (presumably Mr. Hunter). It’s got moisture action! I remember finding it to be somewhat amusing, but I’m not the only one who was a little creeped out.

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