Tuesday Throwback: Seth Green Goes Cha-Ching In This Rally’s Commercial

Does anyone remember this 1991 Rally’s commercial with Seth Green? The commercial was popular, and Green’s “Cha-Ching” inexplicably became a rallying cry for New Orleans Saints fans. He even got the key to the city in New Orleans. Who knew starring as an annoying teenager working at a price-gouging fast food joint would result in semi-celebrity? Luckily for Seth, it wasn’t the peak of his career.

Luke McCown Is A Fantastic Backup Quarterback Spokesman For Verizon

Are you tired of seeing the same superstars, mostly quarterbacks, on every other commercial during football season? Well, New Orleans Saints backup QB Luke McCown is here to break up the monotony. Brilliant!

9/25 update: Drew Brees injured his shoulder and will be out this Sunday. Luke McCown will get his chance to shine!

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